LOTRO Ill Omened Snake Pet
2024 Ill Omens Skirmish Event Pet

Ill Omened Snake Pet Description

Considering how sinister, evil or disgusting some of the Ill Omens Pets are, the Ill Omened Snake is a contrast!

I mean, we're not exactly talking the level of the Sienna Goat, but still, this serpent is stern but not evil.

"Summons a cuddly snake to keep you company"

Okay, it's not exactly cuddly either!

Ill Omened Snake Description

There's a reason Collections did not manage to contain the picture of this pet - it is long. But its scaly design, which is a faintly banded, and combines greens and purples, is actually rather beautiful.

And it has a few different animations, as we come to expect from LOTRO Pets in general.

Extra Details

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