Fiery Yellow Beetle
You've caught a bug! (I'll get my coat...)

Fiery Yellow Beetle Pet Description

Maybe you like the rattle-hissing that bugs make in LOTRO. Maybe you like the uncertainty of whether today's the day you'll accidentally stamp on your beloved pet. Or maybe you're just a completionist. Whatever your reason to pick up a Fiery Yellow Beetle, that's your decision to make!

Called "Pyre" (nice connotations there, thanks LOTRO), this beetle is less creepy and more icky. I don't like bugs so my description is biased. But if you want this critter scuttling around behind you, then head on to the Ill Omens event once it's on.

Note to self: it's not a firey yellow beetle. Fiery. I don't know why English does weird things like that.

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