Ill Omened Crab
2024 Ill Omens Skirmish Event Pet

Ill Omened Crab Pet Description

The Ill Omened Crab was new to the Ill Omens Skirmish Event in 2024. I'm not sure if it's an undead crab, or an Ancient Evil crab. Either way, you can choose to let it follow you around Middle-earth if you like. I won't judge - I'll just keep a distance is all.

Ill Omened Crab Description

To all intents and purposes it could just pass as an ordinary crab - not that I'm aware of a "normal" one available as one of the other LOTRO pets.

Found one! In the Fate of Gundabad (Collectors and Ultimate Editions), there is an UkhrashExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) pet, which is also a crab.

But, as with your Harbingers from the event, it has that lovely peaceful "I'm going to kill you" blue aura. It also makes rather disgusting sounds, which creep me out.

That's to say, LOTRO have done a great job for an appropriate pet - creepy, evil and gross. As it should be!

Extra Details

  • Festival/Event: Ill Omens
  • Species: Other
  • Year Introduced: 2024
  • Price: Tokens of Ill Omens × 40 Tokens of Ill Omens
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