FFXIV Rogue Hunting Log Rank 2
All Targets from All Ranks

FFXIV Rogue Hunting Log Rank 2 Guide - All enemies with location maps.

Time to step it up a notch with my FFXIV Rogue Hunting Log Rank 2 Guide! And it looks like I embarrassed myself and forgot to add a proper introduction, whoops! Guess I was too excited about helping you slice and dice your enemies so I just jumped right in. As should you. Let’s move on, shall we?!

When Can I Started Rank 2?


Hitting level 10 is no challenge, even as a non-primary class. The Hunting Log does much of it for you.

Let’s get to your targets for Rank 2, then!

Rogue Hunting Log Rank 2 Targets

Reward: EXP 10,000

Rogue 11
EXP 2,300

Rogue 12
EXP 3,200

Rogue 13
EXP 4,000

Rogue 14
EXP 4,500

Rogue 15
EXP 5,000

Rogue 16
EXP 5,300

Rogue 17
EXP 5,500

Rogue 18
EXP 5,700

Rogue 19
EXP 5,900

Rogue 20
EXP 6,100

Total EXP Available

  • Total EXP for All Levels: EXP 10,000
  • EXP Clearing Rank 2: EXP 47,500
  • TOTAL: EXP 57,500

Note, this excludes any EXP gained for defeating the individual enemies and bonuses due to Rested EXP.

When Can I Start Hunting Log Rank 3?


  1. You have cleared Rank 2, and
  2. You are at least Level 20 as a Rogue.

TL;DR Get all “Dodge This” with Rogue Hunting Log Rank 2

A number of your hunting log targets have AoEs this time, so you have to learn to back off then jump back in. Or find an alternative, less dangerous side. But none of these are going to be able to dodge your quick attacks. At least, I hope not.

I already have nearly all the enemies for the next rank in my FFXIV Hunting Log database, so hopefully it won’t be long before I get it out to yous.

Have fun in Eorzea, folks.

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