Puk Hatchling Location in FFXIV
Hunting Log Rank 2

FFXIV Puk Hatchling - Hunting Log Rank 2 Target

Now, bear with me, because the Puk Hatchling is a bit strange. And I'm not talking about its bulbous head, either. It's strange because there are are two places to find them - and of much different levels too.

Puk Hatchling Location

Now, the location map below is right outside of Limsa Lominsa in Middle La Noscea and these are about L4-5. The others, in Western La Noscea, are around Level 15. But it doesn't matter if you're doing this for Marauder Rank 2 or Arcanist Rank 1, it seems you can use this group.

Western La Noscea
Assuming you haven't cleared the Puks out before you head to Western La Noscea, you'll find them in the same area as the Hedgemoles and Dusk Bats.

Puk Hatchling Location Map

Location Info

  • Approximate Coordinates:
    X:21.3, Y:21
  • Region/Area:
    Middle La Noscea: Zephyr Drift
  • Nearest Aetheryte:
    Limsa Lominsa (Any)

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