FFXIV Lancer Hunting Log Rank 1

FFXIV Lancer Hunting Log Rank 1 Guide - all targets, locations and maps!

The FFXIV Lancer Hunting Log Rank 1 is your first introduction to this log as a new FF14 player. It will quickly become normal for you to reach a certain character level and begin clearing the next difficulty log right up to L50. When I was a new player though, it wasn’t always easy to figure out where everything was. So here is my guide, with maps, to help you.

Why Clear the Hunting Log?

Apart from those of us who hate leaving a job half-done, FFXIV Hunting Logs are a huge source of early-level EXP EXP. Add to that the fact you get practice learning your combat skills and its usefulness is clear.

And you can’t not start it, because the first combat quest given to you by your combat guild usually involves killing things from the log!

Lancer Hunting Log Rank 1 Targets

Reward: EXP 2,500

With that out of the way we can now focus on your reason for being here, clearing your Rank 1 Log!
Lancer 01
EXP 75

Lancer 02
EXP 180

Lancer 03
EXP 360

Lancer 04
EXP 410

Lancer 05
EXP 530

Lancer 06
EXP 980

Lancer 07
EXP 1,100

Lancer 08
EXP 1,300

Lancer 09
EXP 1,600

Lancer 10
EXP 1,700

Total EXP Available

  • EXP from Log Entries: EXP 8,235
  • EXP for Clearing Rank 1: EXP 2,500
  • Total EXP: EXP 10,735

When Can I Start Hunting Log Rank 2?


  1. You have cleared Rank 1, and
  2. Reach at least Level 10 as a Lancer.

TL;DR Ease into FFXIV with the Lancer Hunting Log Rank 1

The FFXIV Lancer Hunting Log Rank 1 is a gentle introduction into the basics of both this FF14 feature and of combat. Most can be cleared not far from Gridania itself. But you have a range of enemies too: some have AoE attacks, others give you debuffs and some are ranged attackers. So it’s a good warm-up. Do remember to have fun as well as clearing checklists, okay?

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