Miteling Location in FFXIV

FFXIV Miteling - Hunting Log Rank 1 Target

Mitelings are spider-like critters with a gazillion eyes. As you progress through the Black Shroud, they only get bigger. Eventually you'll end up taking on a huge one in the Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak dungeon during the Main Scenario Quest MSQ. But for now, these "little" Mitelings are all you need to concern yourself with. As they are required for three different classes, they are also in plentiful supply.

Depending on characters in the area, finding your target of three could be as easy as this:

Miteling Location Map

Location Info

  • Approximate Coordinates:
    X27.0, Y:26.5
  • Region/Area:
    North Shroud: Treespeak
  • Nearest Aetheryte:
    New Gridania: take the Yellow Serpent Gate

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