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LOTRO Slayer of Yondershire Deed Guide by FibroJediLOTRO Slayer of Yondershire Deed

Find all the insects, beasts and enemies and clear the LOTRO Slayer of Yondershire Deed! I've made you a handy map for your adventure too →...
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LOTRO Sites of Yondershire Deed Guide and MapLOTRO Sites of Yondershire Deed

The Sites of Yondershire Deed in LOTRO sees you travel across most of the area map. From the lowest lake to the highest peak, this deed really is made to show you the Sights - and for you to enjoy the...
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LOTRO Diamond Hunting - Yondershire QuestDiamond Hunting (Yondershire)

Diamond Hunting is a LOTRO Yondershire Quest that sees searching for a Hobbit Lass called Adamanda who is needed back at home!...
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LOTRO Yondershire Getting Started GuideLOTRO Yondershire - How to Get Started

Yondershire is a new region in LOTRO that lies West of The Shire. With varied terrain, plenty of life and different quest-styles, there's a lot to enjoy here! →...
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