LOTRO Inhabitants of the Vanished Realm Deed
Find the Free Peoples of Cardolan

LOTRO Inhabitants of the Vanished Realm Deed Guide and Maps

The Inhabitants of the Vanished Realm Deed in Cardolan is the easiest one to clear in the region. That said, it is always the people that make locations interesting. All of the places you need to complete this deed have quests available, with different challenges and difficulties. So enjoy the stories in all the side-quests as you go along. I did not regret it.

Inhabitants of the Vanished Realm Locations

This first part shows the locations in the order you find them in the deed log. However, they do not form a logical path! I’ve suggested an alternative route further down!

Alternative Route

There is not one simple route around Cardolan, mostly due to natural barriers such as hills and rivers. However, there is a smoother way to do it if you’re just trying to clear the Vanished Realm deed quickly.

East to West

Entering through Tharbad from Swanfleet:
  1. Stonecrop Encampment
  2. Scurloc Farm
  3. Sírlond
  4. Herne
  5. Sarn Ford
  6. Gerwyn’s Convoy

From the North-West

Entering from Bree-land through the Vale of Andrath, a possible “loop”
  1. Gerwyn’s Convoy
  2. Sírlond (by passing through Caranost)
  3. Scurloc Farm
  4. Stonecrop Encampment
  5. Herne
  6. Sarn Ford
I’m sure there are others, but I wanted to offer some suggestions.

TL;DR The Inhabitants of the Vanished Realm of Cardolan Await You

As I said at the start, this deed is easy to clear. But that only makes it more enjoyable. To be honest, the only way you could make it less enjoyable would be to just find all the locations and ignore the quests and stories! I hope this guide to the LOTRO Inhabitants of the Vanished Realm Deed helped you. I will see you soon for more Before the Shadow content, so have fun in Middle-Earth!
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