Cloak of Shadows
Hooded and Unhooded | LOTRO Ill Omens

The Cloak of Shadows was the first outfit cosmetic introduced to the LOTRO Ill Omens Event when it first launched in 2020.

Coming in both hooded and unhooded versions, this cloak has metal-looking strips from your neck to the shoulder blades. That portion is divided by a rich purple strip before descending into grey-and-black swirls. The bottom border is in the same purple as above.

The WikiExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) also has its own screenshot.

Despite its name, it isn't eerie at all, but really neat. At least, I think it is.

Does the Cloak of Shadows Dye?

Kinda, but not really. You can customise the colour of the purple strips - at the top and bottom, but I think that's about it.

The example here is in Shire Plum dye. I used a bright colour so it stood out!

But, if you're colour matching in your outfit designs, then changing that purple might matter!

Cloak of Shadows Information

  • Festival/Event: Ill Omens
  • Price: 40 × Tokens of Ill Omens Tokens Of Ill Omens
  • Gear Slot: Back
  • Category: Cloak
  • Dyable: Limited

Hooded Cloak Of Shadows

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