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FFXIV HeavensTurn 2024 Event Guide | FF14 New Year of the Dragon

The Year of the Dragon is the theme of the FFXIV HeavensTurn 2024 event. Normally I’d try and get this sort of guide started beforehand, but I’ve not had the chance this time. On the upside, I was able to run it on a couple of FF14 characters last night, so I can give you the low-down in one sitting. Let’s goooo!

FFXIV HeavensTurn 2024 Dates

This year it start(ed) at 3pm GMT (7am PST) on the 31st December 2023.
It ends on January 15th 2024 at 2:59pm GMT (6:59am PST)

What Is HeavensTurn?

If you’re new to Final Fantasy XIV, this event marks the change from one year to the next. It is almost always mostly story-driven, though last year brought in a feature they’ve brought back this year.

The Twelve Japanese Zodiac Signs

HeavensTurn also focuses on the twelve legendary beasts that sort of “govern” the year. These equate to the Japanese ones, the equivalent in-game race being the people of Doma. as it’s the Year of the Dragon in Japanref, the same is true in FFXIV. Almost.

While I am not a real-life believer in the Star Signs, from a cultural perspective, it is helpful to learn about the Japanese equivalent. A “flower wheel” of the Japanese Zodiac can be found hereExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab).

How to Start HeavensTurn 2024

Minimum Requirements

To be able to take part in the FF14 New Year event, you must:

  • Be at least Level 15
  • Be able to reach Limsa Lominsa

For Arcanists, Marauders and Rogues, you just need to reach L15.

For all other classes, you will need to have your Main Scenario QuestEnvoy” quest underway or completed. This quest unlocks Airship access, allowing you to reach Limsa.

Start the Quest

Once you have arrived at Limsa, you will need to head to the Aftcastle. You can do this either through the Aethernet Shard or by walking to the Upper Decks.

The quest-giver is Ryu Metsuke at X:11.5, Y:13.9

How It Unfolds

No spoilers, apart from a brief introduction!

Cross-cultural Communication

To Be a Mascot - Heavensturn 2024 Quest

Normal Quest To Be a Mascot begins with the Far Eastern visitors introducing this year’s mascot – a Chocobo chick dressed as a Ryu.

In trying to introduce their culture to those here in Eorzea, Ryu Bugyo is finding it difficult to
explain in a way that the locals understand.

None more so than the girl you first meet.

Finding the Girl

Part of this quest means you have to find out where the girl goes after the chat with Ryu Bugyo.

It doesn’t specify how many NPCs you need to chat to, either. The number is four and they’re here:

Unfold the Story

FFXIV Fae Gwiber - I thought riding dragonback  was probably appropriate for the Year of the Dragon.

I said no spoilers and I meant it. Once you’ve found out where the girl has gone, the rest is pretty much following the trail.

It’s a lovely story, but one which we need to understand in our world. People cannot understand us if we don’t explain. But we need to be receptive of other cultures too.

Unlike a Dragon

The quest Normal Quest Unlike a Dragon is the second, and last part.

There is some storytelling, a bit of which will be familiar if you have done certain non-MSQ parts of StormBlood.

The last “task” is accompanying the Ryu Bugyo around Limsa, now she has got over the language barrier. Unlike before, these NPCs are actually marked, so just use your map.

Heavensturn 2024 Reward

Ryunosuke, the Chocobo chick in a Dragon Ryu costume, chooses to join you.


  • Ryunosuke Minion
  • EXP 1,440
  • Gil 286

The Omikuji is Back

As with the 2023 event, the Omikuji and the fortune telling are back.

There’s no freebie this time, but they only cost Gil 100 each. Printing and outdoor space hire in Limsa aren’t cheap, you know?

TL;DR Celebrate the Year of the Dragon at FFXIV HeavensTurn 2024

My main character has had somewhat of an affinity with Dragons since HeavensWard that didn’t diminish even through all of EndWalker. So the Year of the Dragon is perfect for her.

The 2024 HeavensTurn event is a reminder of the different paths we walk. About how we treasure those who are closest to us. And it subtly says we must be accepting of other cultures whether or not we agree with them.

At the end, to paraphrase, you’re told: getting higher powers involved is great, but nothing is more important than fostering unity between nations. And if 2023 taught the world anything, it’s that we’ve forgotten this second part. Let’s be part of the change and accept others in the same way we want to be accepted.

Dragon New Year to You All.

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