FFXIV The Maiden's Rhapsody Guide
A Journey to Remember

FFXIV The Maiden's Rhapsody Event - FFXI Collaboration Guide, Walkthrough and Rewards

The Maiden’s Rhapsody is a special collaboration event in Final Fantasy 14 which follows the journey of a warrior called Iroha, who finds herself lost in in Eorzea. This FFXIV event seems to run every few years or so. Having run it while I only had one character and now I have three active FF14 alts, I was glad it returned for the glamour items. Here’s my walk-through of The Maiden’s Rhapsody, which will include spoilers for those that have not run it yet, but I’ve tried to put spoiler-y content in separate tabs. That said, it’s imperfect so mobile users may see it. Anyway, let’s go join Iroha!

Getting Started FAQ

The Maiden’s Rhapsody Walkthrough

The journey you walk with Iroha takes you through La Noscea, the Black Shroud, Thanalan then back to La Noscea. So I’ve just divided this walkthrough guide into those sections.

La Noscea

Back to Limsa Lominsa

The Black Shroud


La Noscea – Amatsu: Kyori

Collaboration Event Rewards

The Maiden’s Rhapsody grants you most of Iroha’s outfit as a glamour reward:

TL;DR – Play Your Part in the Maiden’s Rhapsody

I purposefully wanted to go into the story of The Maiden’s Rhapsody in this guide. Aside from the fact that there’s no voice acting in FFXIV outside of the MSQ, this collaboration event has a lot in the way of story. Don’t shoot me, but I’ve never played any other games in the Final Fantasy series. But these events give me a little insight into them. While the Amatsu Set cannot be dyed, I often use the head and boot slots in glamour plate designs. So, it is well worth you jumping into the event! More more see the official landing page here. Take care!
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