FFXIV Valentione's Day 2024

FFXIV Valentione's Day 2024 Event - Rewards, Love Heart Emote and Guide

The festival of love returns with the FFXIV Valentione’s Day Event!

Last year, we supported Astrid and Emilie on their own journey of learning to love themselves. We were also told, through the story, that these two girls would be heading up the event going forward, with Lisette retiring. So, what might be in store for us this Valentine’s Day in Final Fantasy 14?

When Is Valentione’s Day in FFXIV?

  • Start: 7th Feburary 2024 at 8am GMT (7pm AEDT)
  • End: 21st February 2024 at 2:59pm GMT (22nd February at 1:59am)

So the “day” is celebrated for two weeks!

One of my FFXIV Miqo'te characters at last year's event.

Who Can Take Part?

If you are Level 15 (or higher) and can reach Gridania, then you’re in! While some FFXIV Seasonal Events can be higher, many are at this level.

But I’m Not Level 15 Yet!

Are you are newer to FFXIV and you began your adventures in Ul’dah or Limsa Lominsa? Then you’ll need to have the following MSQ Quest either in-progress or completed:

Once you have Airship access, head to Old Gridania. You have plenty of time to reach that point too, so you have no need to rush!

Getting Started

To start the quest for the event, check in with Astrid at Mih Khetto’s Ampitheatre in Old Gridania.

But as the beautiful black and red artwork on the official page promises, Emilie will also feature on one level or another.

Pick up the quest Normal Quest The Symbol of Love from Astrid to start this year’s story.

The Symbol of Love

Emilie’s Surprise

Initially it is just Astrid you meet up with, in her preferred black and white suit. Her quest is Normal Quest The Symbol of Love.

She tells you that both her and Emilie are managing Valentione’s Day this year, but that Emilie is off preparing a surprise.

Without accidentally straying into spoiler territory, though this quick first story you learn the Love Heart Emote.

It’s All About Heart

The vast majority of the story (and drama) is in the second quest: Normal Quest It’s All About Heart. And, as usual, it’s very much worth listening to/reading.

How to Emote NPCs

As part of It’s All About Heart, you have to use your new emote on NPCs. Doing so is really simple:

  1. Firstly Speak to Them. It doesn’t tick your quest objective, but you get a small dialogue/monologue that explains that character’s situation.
  2. Make sure they remain targeted.
  3. In your chatbox input area, type /loveheart and press enter (or whatever you console people do to confirm a choice)
  4. Once the animation has played the NPC will react and then respond to your action.

If you’re on a smaller screen and want to skip past spoilers, then head to the Rewards section.

Folks on larger screens should just have a tab to ignore!

Born of Bravery

Have you ever been corrected, or put into your place, by someone much younger but that, annoyingly, they were right?

Former leader of the Valentione’s Event, Lisette, gets put into that very same position.

I’m not going to get too spoilery, but I love (no pun intended) the quote:

Love is the fruit born of bravery

A Personal Note on Bravery

I had to stand up for myself when I was with the girl who I am now married to. Against people who didn’t think I should be marrying her.

All relationships have times that are difficult or have massive challenges. I’m not referring to issues between you and a partner or friend as such, but those you face together. It takes bravery to start a new relationship, bravery to lay down some measure of independence for codepedence and bravery to stand against trials and still emerge from the mess together and committed.

You may need to stand up for a friendship. Or endure while people close to you have their relationship difficulties. Or maybe mend a tear with a parent or a child. All these require love and bravery.

I hope that wasn’t overshare.

Who Was Wronged?

I’d love to get your views on Mastodon/FediverseExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) or the artist formerly known as TwitterExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab).

Lisette says she was wrong to presume her lover to be doing something dodgy behind her back. Not in those words, she’s a high-born Elezen. I’m not!

But a word my Mum used has always stuck with me: circumspect. That means, not putting yourself into a position where someone could blame you for doing something wrong whether you did or not.

Lisette should have spoken with him before presuming the worst. But he too, should not have been alone with another woman, knowing how that might have looked. I believe they both apologise, which is good. But Lisette should not have been embarrassed when her fears were proven false either.

Valentione’s Day 2024 Rewards

Last year, we obtained Astrid’s and Emilie’s outfits – well, copies of them! So what do we have this year?

Love Heart Emote

Want to show that special someone how you feel? Is the /dote emote not clear enough? Now you can make the shape of a heart with your hands and wink at them.

Now that cannot be misunderstood!

Well, hopefully not.

/loveheart Emote Video

FFXIV Love Heart Emote | Valentiones Day 2024
Play this video
FFXIV Love Heart Emote | Valentiones Day 2024

I was actually pleasantly surprised at how much time there is without the animation effect playing. The whole animation lasts about 2 seconds, but the pose remains in place for a further 5 seconds. That gives you /gposers plenty of time!

Valentione’s Heart Chair

This chair has curved legs that we hope are strong enough even for the most muscly of Roegadyn. This housing decoration definitely makes a statement. What that statement is, well, that’s for you to decide!

Where Do I Get the Chair?

Very often at FFXIV events, the ‘extra reward’ is actually purchased from the Valentione Maid. She is behind a counter right outside Mih Khetto’s Ampitheatre.

Last year’s Valentione’s Heart Desk cost Gil × 2,500.

You’ll be pleased to know that the chairs are cheaper than the table: just Gil × 2,000 each.

Prismatic Hearts (Includes Videos)

These consumable effects are kind of like emotes, but they are usable items in your inventory. Prismatic Hearts create a half-heart.

Note that the left/right relates to the side they appear with your character facing the camera!

Here are my YouTube videos of these animations:

Extra Event Information

Looking for a past event glamour but weren’t around that year? Then go to the “Costume Sets” categoryExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) and check the box next to “Valentione’s Day”:

Check out the Official SiteExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) too. It has awesome artwork of Emilie and Astrid that I’ve not used on this page.

TL;DR Show Yourself Love this Valentione’s Day

While the Moogle Treasure Trove, the Hunt for Genesis is on, take a break from earning those tomestones and come to Old Gridania.

Even if you never use the Love Heart EmoteExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) again, it’s a helpful reminder that:

  • Not all people are great with words when expressing their feelings.
  • A small action can make a big difference.
  • Never underestimate the power of being a friend to those with relationship challenges.

The FFXIV Valentine’s Day event has always been about love in various forms: families, friends, lovers and self-care. Don’t forget that last one. I know that one’s tricky, because I am not great at it! Enjoy this FF14 event and I’ll see you soon!

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