FFXIV Moonfire Faire 2023 Guide

FFXIV Moonfire Faire 2023 Event Guide

FFXIV have announced their Moonfire Faire 2023 event! This is the annual Summer Event that often gets loads of FF14 players attending at the Costa del Sol. The star may be about to fall apart, or not, but it’s time for a Summer party!

What on Etheirys could be happening this year? Let’s see what we know.

When is Moonfire Faire 2023?

Wednesday, August 10th 2023 at 9am (UK Time), 1am (PDT)
Friday, August 26th 2023 at 3:59pm (UK Time), 7:59am (PDT)

Who Can Play?

Characters of Level 30 and above.

How to Get Started

Pick Up the Quest

You’ll find Mayaru Moyaru, the Moonfire Questgiver, in Limsa Lominsa on the Upper Decks (X:11.5 Y:13.8). For any new FFXIV players, your nearest Aetheryte Shard is the Aftcastle.

The quest for this year is called Normal Quest Allergic to Sunshine.

Moonfire Faire always takes place in the Costa del Sol (Eastern La Noscea), but don’t head there first! Grab the quest in Limsa and pick up the story before heading over to the beach.

Allergic to Sunshine

Mayaru Moyaru is calling upon all adventurers to join the hottest event of the year.

(Quest text from the official pageExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab))

The non-spoiler way of explaining this is that Haermaga wanted to employ someone called a “Sunshine Saviour” – a sort of glorified lifeguard.

All lifeguards should be glorified, but I mean, with the title. Anyway, the guy he wants for the job hasn’t turned up so you two go and find him. And that starts the story off.

Skip Spoilers ↓

Haermaga says that the Moonfire Faire is no stranger to difficulties – things like dangerous swimming and equally-dangerous critters.

They’ve invented a “Sunshine Saviour” – someone to help combat these problems. And he thinks they found the right candidate. No, shockingly, it isn’t you! It’s a guy called Lyonnel. But when you go to try and find him, he’s MIA – trying to help out but getting accused of attempted theft instead.

He’s a total nervous wreck but Haermaga doesn’t understand why. In short: he hates his face. At least he hates people seeing his face. Well, that’s something I understand. If he had a helmet, he could be confident, he shares.

Haermaga had a special suit commissioned for the Sunshine Saviour. Although people thought it looked over the top, if it restores Lyonnel’s confidence, he decides it’s worth using it.

I Am the Sunshine

This is the second quest in the Moonfire Faire 2023 story and is the one that gives you the outfit glamour.

In this one, Lyonnel wants to figure out who to help so recruits you, sorry, you offer to help out.

What follows is one of those “cutscene dialogue” type features. You get to advise the Sunshine Saviour on who needs help. But, no pressure and all that, you get choices on how he could do it.

Skip Quest Pointers ↓

Miqo’te Lad and Lass

Helping the Miqo'te lad and lass.

If you were here for previous Moonfire Faires you’ll recognise these two. The sister wanting her brother to do well, but he generally sucks at the course, even if he managed it last year!

My Answer: Give him words of encouragement (Lionnel agrees)

2. Pirates

Rhoswen the pirate turns up during the Moonfire Faire 2023

If you’re newish to FFXIV, then you may not know Rhoswen and Carvellain are from two different pirate crews. But, to complicate matters, she likes him but don’t point it out to her!

Oh, and he’s not “officially” a pirate anymore.

  • My Answer: Just ask if something’s the matter.
    Result: I messed this one up!

Correct answer: “Watch from a safe distance.”

3. Muscular Fellows Slumped on the Ground

What to do with these muscular fellows?

My muscles burn for more…but…I can barely see straight.

  • My Answer: Tell them to drink plenty of fluids (it sounds like dehydration)
  • I tried “shade”, but it has the same result as “water” because Lyonnel’s response talks about everyone needing “water and shade”. I’ll risk the last option on my less-sensible character!

I did risk that last option and it’s the only wrong answer. Lyonnel, after saying he disagrees with you over the Linkpearl, goes ahead and warns them about water and shade anyway. So, no harm done.

Group of Revellers

This 'group' of revellers have very different 'encouragement' methods...

These two are… “encouraging” people on the Nimble Warrior course:

  • “Jump like your life depended on it!”
  • “You’ll never make it from there! Watch out or you’ll eat sand!”

SPLUSH. Yeah, you don’t have to advise him.

At the end, you find out Lyonnel’s backstory and why he doesn’t like to show his face. I’m not going to write that here, not even under a “spoiler’s cover”. You take it in, in FFXIV.

Posing Stage!

You’ll have a chance to try and look cool, by using the “photo spot”. Aside from it looking out over the Costa del Sol, it also explodes in colours so you can take that heroic shot in style. Whatever style you like, really. Maybe mopping the floor, or using that floor painting emote? I jest… maybe.

You can see the official screenshot of this either → or ↓ depending on your screen resolution. I’ll try to replace this with shots of other people using the stage. I am an introvert (and so is my main character), so I won’t be publicly posing, ha.

Nimble Warrior Course

Just be glad you don't have to reach the very top of it

Just be glad you don’t have to reach the very top of it!

While it’s not part of the story, the jumping challenge from the Moonfire 2022 is available for fun. If being blown up by a pretend Bomb or twelve is fun!

Moonfire Faire Rewards

This year it’s a glamour set with links to the Power Rangers of old and, according to someone on Social Media, is also related to Kamen RidersExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab).

Phoenix Riser Outfit Glamour

…it’s meant to evoke the image the Phoenix. The legendary bird symbolizes rebirth, rising from the ashes over and over again, each time shining brighter than before.

Haermaga, Moonfire Faire 2023

Note: These images are from the official page, but I will replace it with pictures of my characters wearing the new Moonfire glamours on the 10th August. Obviously, this involves running the event multiple times, but that’s fine with me! Each time I do, I’ll add another preview for you.

Don’t ask me how many of these I’ve got stashed away. (Haermaga!)

Two-Piece Whole Gearset

While there are only two “pieces”, they take up all the “left hand” slots of your glamour plate.

This means you can’t add your own boots or gloves. But you can change the helmet.

Different Races

I am able to show you the glamours on a few different races. I don’t have a male “tall person” but I will attempt to level one to L30 before the end of the event. And I’ll add my male Lalafell soon.

That said, I did get the helmet by finding another player wearing it!

Phoenix Riser Helmet

I initially thought the helmet was the same for everyone. But it’s not. They’re built with ears and face bone-plate in mind. Miqo’te and Viera ears, for example, are included in the shape of the helmet. Au’ra features, for me, were on the outside of it.

Phoenix Riser Suit

Ranger Poses

The Store has the poses/emotes for the Rangers, so if that’s your thing, then head over there and get posin’!

And, I finally dug up the links:

A Personal Word

There is an obvious message here. I don’t want to talk about that.

The more subtle message is this: How you talk to people in victory or defeat makes a difference to them. We should all consider encouraging and not discouraging others. Empower them, but don’t leave them stranded. If you’re not raising someone up, choose your words carefully.

It’s the Warrior of Light’s words that impacts the Sunshine Saviour the most.

More to Come!

There, you have all my current L30+ characters I have for previewing the gear. Hopefully, that’s enough to give you a taste! Not literally – don’t eat your clothes.

See you soon and do check the official pageExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) and the developer’s blogExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) too!

Thank you for using my guide to the FFXIV Moonfire Faire 2023. Enjoy the event and the jumping and bomb-avoiding challenge!

If you want to see last year’s event and rewards, I am, for the first time, starting to keep previous’ years guides. Click/Tap here for the 2022 Faire.

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