FFXIV Lancer Hunting Log Rank 5

FFXIV Lancer Hunting Log Rank 5 Guide - Location Maps for All Mobs

So, dear Dragoon, you’ve finally made it to the FFXIV Lancer Hunting Log Rank 5. Congratulations! We’re finally on the home run to clearing a whole job’s worth, but if you were hoping for Dragon-slaying, I’m afraid you’ll mostly be disappointed. But, if you’re close to on-level, there are plenty of challenges for you as you go into enemy strongholds. So sharpen that Lance and let’s crack on.

When Can I Start Hunting Log Rank 5?


  1. You have cleared Lancer Log Rank 4, and
  2. You are at least Level 40 as a Lancer.

Lancer Hunting Log Rank 5 Targets

Reward: EXP 40,000

Lancer 41
EXP 17,000

Lancer 42
EXP 17,500

Lancer 43
EXP 18,000

Lancer 44
EXP 18,500

Lancer 45
EXP 19,000

Lancer 46
EXP 19,500

Lancer 47
EXP 20,000

Lancer 48
EXP 20,500

Lancer 49
EXP 21,000

Lancer 50
EXP 21,500

Total EXP Available

  • Total EXP for All Levels: EXP 192,500
  • EXP Clearing Rank 3: EXP 40,000
  • TOTAL: EXP 232,500

Note, this excludes any EXP gained for defeating the individual enemies.

TL;DR Well Done on Clearing the FFXIV Lancer Hunting Log Rank 5

You’ve made it through the whole of the Lancer Hunting Log, hurrah! If this is your first or main class, then you may be heading towards Heavensward and the Dragonsong Wars. If that’s the case then your job quests will have introduced you to a particularly-important character in FFXIV that plays a part in the Main Scenario Quest MSQ from Heavensward onwards.

There are no more class-specific targets after the Lancer Hunting Log Rank 5. However, I will soon be covering the Grand Company logs – and remember there is always the HuntExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab), too. Have fun in FFXIV folks, and I’ll see you for a new Hunting Log pretty soon!

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