FFXIV Lancer Hunting Log Rank 4

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Welcome to my FFXIV Lancer Hunting Log Rank 4 Guide. It’s from Level 30 that you can become a Dragoon and start to learn some of the fancier fighting and jumping manoeuvers. It’s wholly appropriate, then, that Rank 4 pits you against three scalekin/dragonkind enemies. There are a few true oddities in this log too, so do try to enjoy your journey, not just ticking things off. Though I do know how satisfying a completed to-do list entry is, trust me!

When Can I Start Hunting Log Rank 4?


  1. You have cleared Lancer Log Rank 3, and
  2. You are at least Level 30 as a Lancer.

Lancer Hunting Log Rank 4 Targets

Reward: EXP 30,000

What fun and games does rank three hold for a budding Dragoon? Let’s have a look.
Lancer 31
EXP 11,000

Lancer 32
EXP 12,000

Lancer 33
EXP 12,500

Lancer 34
EXP 13,000

Lancer 35
EXP 13,500

Lancer 36
EXP 14,000

Lancer 37
EXP 14,500

Lancer 38
EXP 15,000

Lancer 39
EXP 16,000

Lancer 40
EXP 16,500

Total EXP Available

  • Total EXP for All Levels: EXP 78,800
  • EXP Clearing Rank 4: EXP 20,000
  • TOTAL: EXP 98,800

Note, this excludes any EXP gained for defeating the individual enemies.

When Can I Start Hunting Log Rank 5?


  1. You have cleared Rank 4, and
  2. You are at least Level 40 as a Lancer.

How Do I Start the Dragoon Quests?

In case you’ve not got Dragoon unlocked yet, then pick up the quest Eye of the DragonExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) from Ywain at the Observatorium in Coeurthas.

TL;DR Wild Extremes in the FFXIV Lancer Hunting Log Rank 4

I’m not sure many log difficulties have quite the extreme differences than the Lancer Hunting Log Rank 4: On the one hand, you go and kill sheep “because reasons”, then you have to take on dragons! Add in flying eyeballs and semi-sentient explosives, and this is truly a bizarre concoction. I’m sure most of you FFXIV players just go grind the thing, and maybe that’s the best. Overthinking makes me sound weird. But I try to be “weird and helpful” so it’s all good. Or so I tell myself.

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