Antelope Stag
FFXIV Hunting Log

FFXIV Antelope Stag - Hunting Log Rank 3 Target
In one sense, it's a real shame to have to hunt a creature like the Antelope Stag. It's elegant and gentle to look at - a really beautiful FFXIV creature. But on the other hand, people need to safely traverse the Black Shroud, their horns make good crafting materials and maybe their meat is delicious? Elegant, gentle and tasty? Sorry if you're a vegetarian. I am...not!

Anyway, you can find these slightly zebra-striped Antelopes North-East of Quarrymill.

Location Map

Map location for Antelope Stag

Number of Antelope Stags Needed Arcanist: 4 | Conjurer: 3 | Lancer: 4 | Rogue: 3

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