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Welcome back, FFXIV players. Here’s my guide to the Conjurer Hunting Log Rank 2. As with my other ones, you’ll find information about each of your targets, how many you need and a handy map to follow. As of this week, I have also unlocked the individual pages about each target, so you can find them easily using the search box here on my site. I’ll be expanding the information available on those pages in the next couple of weeks. But, for now, let’s just dive into Rank 2’s Log, shall we?

Conjurer Hunting Log Rank 2 Targets

Reward: EXP 10,000

Dear Conjurer – I hope you find the East Shroud to your liking, because you will be spending a lot of time there! Many of your targets are in the Nine Ivies or around the Hawthorn Hut. On the plus side, it should help you be more efficient. Here are your targets:
Conjurer 11
EXP 2,300

Conjurer 12
EXP 3,200

Conjurer 13
EXP 4,000

Conjurer 14
EXP 4,500

Conjurer 15
EXP 5,000

Conjurer 16
EXP 5,300

Conjurer 17
EXP 5,500

Conjurer 18
EXP 5,700

Conjurer 19
EXP 5,900

Conjurer 20
EXP 6,100

Total EXP Available

  • EXP from Log Entries: EXP 47,500
  • EXP for Clearing Rank 2: EXP 10,000
  • Total EXP: EXP 57,500

When Can I Start Hunting Log Rank 3?


  1. You have cleared Rank 2, and
  2. Reach at least Level 20 as a Conjurer.

TL;DR Flex Your Brain Muscle for your Conjurer Hunting Log 2

Given the primary role of a Conjurer and White Mage is healing, you have to do a disturbing amount of killing and/or beating. Bu if it preserves balance, then it’s justified? Anyhow, I hope this Hunting Log Rank 2 guide helped you out. have fun in Eorzea, adventurer!

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