LOTRO Buried Treasure Event Cosmetics

LOTRO Buried Treasure Event CosmeticsHey friends. In this wee post here, I have included all the outfit cosmetics available at the LOTRO Buried Treasure Event, as far as I am aware.This weekend-long hunt for hidden riches tends to run twice a year, so if you want to plan ahead for getting space to run it, make sure you check my LOTRO Events Calendar first!You can acquire some cosmetics through use of Buried Treasure Tokens Buried Treasure Tokens, but you can dig them up too, so don’t spend your tokens on Wardrobe wardrobe items until the end of the event. I will check whether any new cosmetics have been added this weekend and add them here, and to my guide – along with any I may have missed last time.

Head Cosmetics

Golden Cave-Claw Mask

500 × Buried Treasure Tokens

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Jeweller’s Helm

200 × Buried Treasure Tokens

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Wooden Cave-Claw Mask

90 × Buried Treasure Tokens

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Back Cosmetics

Note: the Treasure Hunter’s Satchel that looks like a Rune-keeper’s satchel is technically a back item, but appears on the hip.

Treasure Hunter’s Pack

150 × Buried Treasure Tokens

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Treasure Hunter’s Rucksack

150 × Buried Treasure Tokens

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Treasure Hunter’s Satchel

60 × Buried Treasure Tokens

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Other Festivals & Events

If you’re curious what outfit items are available at other festivals, head to my LOTRO Festival Cosmetics Tool.

TL;DR Buried Treasure Cosmetics are Few

Compared to other festivals, the Treasure Hunting Event has few cosmetics. But it only runs for a few days and has shedloads of other rewards, so maybe make those your focus and you may pick up the cosmetics en route.
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