Wooden Cave-Claw Mask
LOTRO Buried Treasure Event Cosmetic

If not for your height, weight, hairstyle, clothing, language, walking on two legs, weapons and armour, you could pass off as a critter with the Wooden Cave-Claw Mask. Maybe. It's said that people become like their pets, so I guess if you have the Cave-Claw pets then wearing the mask can help you feel at one with your toothy, digging companion. Maybe.

How to Get the Wooden Cave-Claw Mask

While you can pay Buried Treasure Tokens×90, it is also a drop from a Medium Treasure CacheExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) during the Buried Treasure Event. And if memory serves, I think it's a fairly common drop too.

Wooden Cave-Claw Mask Information

  • Festival/Event: Buried Treasure Event
  • Price: 90 × Buried Treasure Tokens Buried Treasure Tokens
  • Set Name: Buried Treasure Head Items
  • Gear Slot: Head
  • Category: Mask

Items in this Set

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