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LOTRO The Many Folk of the Glanduin Deed Map and Guide - Swanfleet | Before the Shadow

Welcome to my first proper Before the Shadow Guide: The Many Folk of the Glanduin Deed. As with my other exploration deeds, I’ve provided information and a map to help you. But because Swanfleet and Cardolan are so new (at the time of writing), I’ve also added in extra screenshots. But there are no quest/story spoilers here, either. That’s because I want you to enjoy your journey through these areas, not simply tick them off your Deed Log. With that said, let’s embark on that journey, shall we?

Explorer of Swanfleet

The Many Folk of the Glanduin Locations

As the Deed itself has done I have ordered these locations from West to East.

Deed Map

To get your locations fairly quickly, here is a map with their pinpoints. Remember to enjoy the journey and not just tick them off the list!


TL;DR The Many Folk of the Glanduin Deed Summary

While this deed is not difficult, it is your first introduction to, well, the many folk in Swanfleet! Doing quests in their villages and outposts gives you a real feel for the difficulties they face: ruffian thieves, infringing Uruk-hai, getting sufficient food or supporting them in mourning for what the area once was.

Apart from the quicker slayer ones, the Many Folk of the Glanduin deed will probably be the first one in Swanfleet you complete. Just remember to “Stop and Stare” and enjoy your questing in LOTRO’s Before the Shadow!

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