LOTRO Treasure of Swanfleet Deed

LOTRO Treasure of Swanfleet Deed Guide and Map by FibroJedi

Welcome to what I believe is the hardest of all the LOTRO Swanfleet exploration deeds: the Treasure of Swanfleet Deed. It took myself and Eldalleth quite a long time in beta and shortly after launch to find them all. LOTRO did too good a job with this one, methinks! However, it does take you to the highs and lows of the terrain, one which I think has been purposefully made to showcase the region to you. So, as LOTROfamily has done the tough bit, we have located all the Treasure Caches so you can just enjoy the journey. So here you go!

Select Nearest/Next Item

As a tip: when looking for objects ensure you either set or know your keybinding for Select Nearest Item and Select Next Item. In ruins, you will end up selecting Scholar gathering nodes and in enemy strongholds, it will find loot chests and quest items. But it’s still a useful tool.

Treasure of Swanfleet Locations

You might wonder why I’ve given screenshots of Treasure Caches. The reason is simple: to give you a rough idea of what’s around them so you can more visually locate them. Hopefully that will help some folks.

Deed Map

Deed Rewards

  • Title Title: Treasure-Seeker of Swanfleet
  • Virtue XP +1,000 Virtue XP

TL;DR LOTROfamily Saves You Headaches with the Treasure of Swanfleet!

While I was able to find just over half of the caches on my own, I worked with Eldalleth to locate the rest. And #10 was posted by another member of the LOTRO-Wiki team. So, you can see this as a LOTROfamily team effort. It was not a simple deed, even by LOTRO’s exploration deed standards! But hopefully now you can sit back and enjoy completing the Treasure of Swanfleet Deed. Rather than wondering which hole or nook you forgot to check…which is where I got to! Enjoy!

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