Trophy-Hunter of Swanfleet Deed

LOTRO Trophy-Hunter of Swanfleet Deed Guide and Map by FibroJedi

Welcome to the final part of the Swanfleet exploration deeds in Before the Shadow! Today we’ll be taking on the Trophy-hunter of Swanfleet Deed. Here, you’ll be tasked with finding six named creatures and carrying a piece from each of them to Glen Helyg to go into a Stoor’s stores. I’ve given you a screenshot of them all with their coordinates and a maplet. So, hopefully, you’ll spend less time than myself with the combined forces of the LOTRO-Wiki did in clearing the deed! Let’s go.

Locations Are Approximate

With the sole exception of Norlúg, all the others roam around various coordinates. I have attempted to show the rough areas they might be found in. This is why the numbered circles on the Deed Map are different sizes.

Expect to have to scout around a fair amount.

Quicker Tracking Methods

Passage of Nature

If you’re a Hunter, then all these Trophy targets are creatures of nature. That means you can use Passage of NatureExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) to find them all, once you’re in the right area.

Select Next Enemy

Check your keybindings for “Select nearest” and “Select next” for enemy-related ones. “Next” will be your tab key by default. But “Nearest” can be handy too, if there are other enemies or non-aggressive wildlife near you.

Tomes of Tracking

For the rest of us non-Hunter mains, there are Tome of Tracking Tomes of Tracking. These mimic the Hunter’s skill.

LOTRO Tome of Tracking Tooltip

Use the tome, locate your target in the list and hit “track”.

If your target is out of the area indicated in your minimap, then a red arrow will point you in the right direction. Once they are within range, a red dot will appear.

Your tracked target appears as a red arrow then a red dot.

The tome continues to work when the creature moves, so it is a real-time position.

The only thing to be aware of is that, for some reason, LOTRO have set the tome window to auto-close after a certain time delay.

Trophy-hunter of Swanfleet Locations

Hand In Your Trophies

The Trophy-hunter of Swanfleet Deed is not just a mini-slayer deed. Simply defeating them does not progress the deed. That is because each foe drops…wait for it…a trophy! I bet you’re as shocked as I was. By that, I mean, not at all.

What are they Called?

  • Thostmoth’s Moss (say that twenty times fast, or after two flagons of mead).
  • Drindolf’s Heartwood
  • Gristbite’s Legs
  • Gnaw’s Ear
  • Stoneback’s Shell
  • Norlúg’s Tongue (you remember cutting out its tongue, right? Ew.)

Where are the Trophies?

The trophies go straight into your bags. Use them to trigger a quest related to that particular disgusting piece of your kill. It is when you complete these quests that the deed progresses.

Where is Addo Benchuth?

Unhelpfully, LOTRO put “in Swanfleet” into the quest tracker text.

Helpfully, they flag up in the right location on your map. But in short, you can find Addo Benchuth outside the waterwheel near Glyn Helyg.

You can then enjoy hearing what he plans to do with these dismembered animal parts. Before backing away slowly and letting yourself be swept downstream.

Final Thanks

A huge thank you to Stephan on Patreon for helping me fix where my brain had switched the letters in the coordinates. It’s a problem I know I have, but I failed to catch it this time.

They should all be okay now, and apologies to those who I may have confused.

TL;DR Find Mobs and Deliver Grossness. That’s Trophy-hunter!

You may not know about this deed until you either complete one of the other Explorer of Swanfleet Deeds. Or pick up a trophy by defeating a named creature, without realising it had a quest attached. The Trophy-hunter of Swanfleet Deed does make you run around a fair bit. After all, nature doesn’t stand still. At least, not the enemy variants!

But you could couple this with the Perils of Swanfleet or Treasure of Swanfleet. Have a day of wandering! Just remember: have fun in Middle-Earth, don’t just tick items off your to-do list!

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