LOTRO Flowers of the Wildwood Deed

LOTRO Flowers of the Wildwood Deed Guide and Map by FibroJedi

The Flowers of the Wildwood Deed is part of the Explorer of the Wildwood deed. It is more obscure than the Sites deed in that most of those you’ll visit through quest objectives. The flowers on the other hand you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for, or purposefully seek out. There may be only eight varieties of blooms to discover but they are really well spread apart. So, enjoy the journey as you find the Flowers of the Wildwood!

Flowers of the Wildwood Locations

Below you’ll find a screenshot of each flower, against which I’ve put a number. That number then corresponds to the one you’ll find on the location map below. Enjoy roaming!

Flowers Location Map

Here’s a standalone deed map for you! If you put this on your site or another sharing site like Reddit, please can you link back to this post? Thank you.

Deed Rewards

  • LOTRO Points × 5
  • Marks of the Wild × 10
  • Title Smeller of Flowers
  • Virtue XP × 2,000

Find Out More on the Wiki

As always, the first people to get me through the deed when I initially embarked on the LOTRO Wildwood was the WikiExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab). My thanks to that great community of editors, which allowed me to put this map and visual guide together really easily.

I did ride around all the locations to gather the information and screenshots myself so see this as a collaborative piece.

TL;DR Find the Flowers of the Wildwood, Enjoy the Region

What I love most about exploration deeds is that they’re there for just that – enjoying the world. They encourage you to view the region – the environment the LOTRO designers have spent time and invested care into – so that you can enjoy it. So as you roam the Wildwood of Bree-land and find these flowers, remember to #StopAndStare, breathe and, just be.

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