LOTRO Sites of the Wildwood Deed
Explorer of the Wildwood

LOTRO Sites of the Wildwood Deed - Guide and Map by FibroJedi

As with some other quests and deeds within the region, the Sites of the Wildwood Deed has you treking all over! You’ll visit spiders underground and experience breathtaking views high over the treetops. Granted, you’ll encounter angry animals and grumpy orcs along the way, but don’t let the journey mar the destination, eh? Let’s take a looksie!

Deed and Quest Overlap

I just have this to say by way of introduction. If you follow most quests, including the auto-bestowed factionless quests, you should, in theory, tick off all the Sites of the Wildwood. Many are covered in the following intro quests:

Sites of the Wildwood

Here are all the sites listed within the Deed.
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