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LOTRO Factionless Quests Wildwood of Breeland - Wildwood Dailies

There is no shortage of quests for the Woodcutter’s Brotherhood and the League of the Axe in LOTRO’s Wildwood region. But there are even more that do not directly grant reputation for either faction. This is important because, at least the daily “wrapper” for each faction requires you to complete factionless quests. So here’s my fourth post in my Wildwood Guides series – walking you through 26 Repeatable Dailies, along with some other non-repeatable content and 10 Repeatable Daily Missions for you too! There are related deeds, titles and LOTRO Points to earn along the way, so let’s dig in shall we?

What Do You Need Factionless Quests in the Wildwood For?

There are two main reasons: the daily wrappers, and to complete deeds:

Quests in the Wildwood Deed

Each faction has their own deed to complete number of quests. But there is also a separate one that factionless quests qualify for. These count towards the “Quests in the Wildwood Deed”, which contributes to the “Quests of the Wildwood” Deed. Not at all confusing with those names there.

Where are Factionless Quests in the Wildwood?

Daily Repeatable Quest Repeatable factionless quests can be found at these locations:

There are also some non-repeatable factionless quests from Linnet Redholm at (22.1S,57.7W). With off-shoot quests, these total seven and start with Honourable Hunts and the Wildwood Hunt.

Auto-Bestowed Factionless Quests

Some of the factionless quests are “auto-bestowed” – by which I mean, once you get close to a certain area you receive the alerts/prompts about quests. So, you cannot pick these up from an NPC, or other quest board. There are 13 factionless quests like this, so more than enough for your Daily 10Daily Repeatable Quest before thinking about any of the other ones that qualify!

Enemies Change

You'll notice a pattern at many of these locations: break stuff and defeat enemies. The reason the quest text is vague is because which enemies there are at any particular quest location change. I love this simple approach to variety LOTRO introduced here.

The following auto-bestowed quests are numbered 1-13 on the map.

1. The Delves: Destroying Supplies

Area: East-delf
Coordinates: 23.9S, 60.8W
Aim: Destroy 10 × supply crates at the East-delf and West-delf (23.9S, 61.8W). You will need to visit both.


  • 23Silver Coin, 10Copper Coin
  • 3 × Marks of the Wild
Auto-bestowed Wildwood Factionless Quests can be found at the East Delf
East Delf (23.9S, 60.8W)

2. The Delves: Foes of the Free People

Area: East-delf
Coordinates: 23.9S, 60.8W
Aim: Defeat 12 × foes at the East-delf and West-delf. They can be from either Delf or some from both.


  • 23Silver Coin, 10Copper Coin
  • 3 × Marks of the Wild

3. Cotfast: Destroying Supplies

Triggers: Somewhere close to Cotfast – e.g. 20.0S, 57.0W
Aim: Destroy 10 × supply crates at the East-delf and West-delf. You will need to visit both.


  • 23Silver Coin, 10Copper Coin
  • 3 × Marks of the Wild

4. Cotfast: Foes of the Free People

Triggers: Somewhere close to Cotfast – e.g. 20.0S, 57.0W
Aim: Defeat 12 × foes in Cotfast. If your mobs are not grey, you’ll not find this difficult. They will attack you while you find all their crates!


  • 23Silver Coin, 10Copper Coin
  • 3 × Marks of the Wild
LOTRO Cotfast Dailies - LOTRO Wildwood (Supply Crate shown here)
Cotfast (20.0S,57.0W)

5. Overwine Hall: Foes of the Free People

Location: Overwine Hallexlink (19.6S, 59.4)
Aim: Defeat 6 × foes Overwine Hall. You’ll find some of them up the steps.


  • 23Silver Coin, 10Copper Coin
  • 3 × Marks of the Wild
LOTRO Overwine Hall - Destroy Barricades and Defeat Enemies - Factionless Daily Quests, Wildwood
Overwine Hall (19.6S, 59.4W)

6. Overwine Hall: Destroying Barricades

Location: Overwine Hallexlink (19.6S, 59.4)
Aim: Destroy 6 × barricades at Overwine Hall.


  • 23Silver Coin, 10Copper Coin
  • 3 × Marks of the Wild

7. Norwarden: Foes of the Free People

Location: Norwardenexlink (18.4S, 55.4W)
Aim: Defeat 8 × foes at Norwarden


  • 23Silver Coin, 10Copper Coin
  • 3 × Marks of the Wild

8. Norwarden: Destroying Barricades

Coordinates: Norwardenexlink (18.4S, 55.4W)
Aim: Destroy 6 × barricades at Norwarden. There are two barricades at the top of the ladder here too – but there is also at least one enemy waiting for you up there. Unless you got lucky and followed another player, anyway!


  • 23Silver Coin, 10Copper Coin
  • 3 × Marks of the Wild
LOTRO Norwarden: Destroying Barricades Wildwoods Quest. Two barricades are up this ladder.
Find the ladder in Norwarden. Two of your barricades are here!

9. Sutwarden: Foes of the Free People

Coordinates: Sutwarden around (23.4S, 56.2W)
Aim: Defeat 8 × foes at Sutwarden


  • 23Silver Coin, 10Copper Coin
  • 3 × Marks of the Wild
LOTRO Sutwarden Dailies - Note there are two levels for Destroying Barricades - Wildwood
Sutwarden has two levels for Destroying Barricades

10. Sutwarden: Destroying Barricades

Coordinates: around: 23.4, 56.2
Aim: Destroy 6 × barricades at Sutwarden. Definitely more than 6 barriers to destroy. Sutwarden has two levels.

There are two up the ladder in Norwarden.


  • 23Silver Coin, 10Copper Coin
  • 3 × Marks of the Wild

11. Natsulm the Night-raider

Coordinates: Gnawbone Pit around (19.2S, 55.8W)

Natsulm is a large Warg that continually stalks around the above coordinates, rarely stopping. Thankfully, due to the white/grey fur, he (or she, the quest does not say) stands out compared to the other Wargs in the vicinity.

He’s also really easy to confuse with Lhudblath the Silver Warg, if you have both quests active at the same time.


  • 23Silver Coin, 10Copper Coin
  • 3 × Marks of the Wild
LOTRO Natsulm the Night-Raider Warg - LOTRO Wildwood Factionless Quest
Natsulm the Night-Raider

12. Gnawbone Pit: Devious Wargs

Coordinates: around 19.4S, 55.5W
Aim: Defeat 6 × Wargs at Gnawbone Pit

Gnawbone Pit is not a metaphorical name, nor is it a way to marginalise the wargs. The bones prove that. There’s no Warg-Slayer Deed in the Wildwoods and they do not count for the Wild Game Deed either. Feel free to kill more than six anyway!

Gnawbone Pit: Devious Wargs Wildwood Daily
Gnawbone Pit, where bones are gnawed upon. Don’t let them be yours.

13. Helva’s Edge: Good Hunting

Coordinates: around 21.8S, 58.2W
Aim: Hunt Wild Game (× 6) at Helva’s Edge (may include Wolves)

Helva’s Edge is a lush, mostly tree-less part of the Wildwood, with a rather stunning view. As with other areas we’ve covered looking for factionless quests, the creatures around here change. In order to live from the Wildwood, it is important to hunt it sustainably. Hunt the creatures, but only take what you need.

As far as I can tell, all creatures that spawn here count towards the “Big Game” Deed in the Wildwood. That includes wolves, which aren’t all that big and definitely don’t play games.

LOTRO Helva's Edge: Good Hunting Daily Quest
Helva’s Edge: Good Hunting

14. Writhenset Mines (3 Quests)

Just a quick note to say I rediscovered 3 additional factionless quests when I had to go to Writhenset. In the mine are these quests, all of which are in the same vein as what you’ve already done elsewhere.

  1. Writhenset: Destroying Supplies
  2. Writhenset: Destroying Cocoons
  3. Writhenset: Foes of the Free People


These four bounties are available from both the League of the Axe (Trader’s Wharf) and the Woodcutter’s Brotherhood (Trestlebridge) areas. As they are dailies, you cannot complete them for both factions on the same day.

Bounties are marked A – D on the map. Clearly, for once, these are actually “defeat” rather than “kill”. Or someone else takes on the name every single day. Who knows the ways of the Enemy?

A. Akvosh

Your reward for defeating this Orc (for the umteenth time!) is:

  • 23Silver Coin, 10Copper Coin
  • 3 × Marks of the Wild

Also, are those miniature “dark angel” wings on his shoulders?

B. Gethin Oxeye

In case you hadn’t figured it yet but the reward for this quest is suspiciously similar to all the others!

  • 23Silver Coin, 10Copper Coin
  • 3 × Marks of the Wild

C. Thunash

Bet you can’t guess?

  • 23Silver Coin, 10Copper Coin
  • 3 × Marks of the Wild

D. Tansy Haresfoot

Wildwood Bulletin

The Wildwood Bulletin contains a list of 9 Factionless Quests, ranging from procuring materials to caring for sick animals. I feel like LOTRO really thought this region through well when they were creating it. Not only in the range of quests, but also where they take you. The Bulletin quests will see you wandering a huge portion of the Wildwood – and that, for me, is a good thing!

The Bulletin is available from both the League of the Axe (Trader’s Wharf) and the Woodcutter’s Brotherhood (Trestlebridge) areas.


These cannot be completed for both factions’ wrapper on the same day. Though you can, of course, split which ones you do for each wrapper.

One Storage Crate to Rule them All

Baiting the Traps

Aim: Bait 10 × Traps.

Trapping animals is part of the way of things in the Wildwood. While preserving nature is important – keeping species from overpopulating is too – as is being able to eat. Baiting the Traps assists in both these endeavours.

↑ Bulletin Quest List

Copper of the Wildwood

Aim: Mine for 10 × Copper Ore.

Tools don’t mend or make themselves, you know! Weapon crafting and tools require metals. Oh and for “trade” too. Mining for Copper Ore is a benefit to the Woodcutter’s Brotherhood and the League of the Axe. So off you pop!

↑ Bulletin Quest List

Feathers of the Wildwood

Aim: Collect 10 × Feathers

Feathers have a variety of uses, not least on arrows which are needed for hunting, crafting and trading. So you need to go a-hunting, a merry-do me’hearty.

↑ Bulletin Quest List

Fish of the Wildwood

Aim: Catch 6 × Wild Minnows

↑ Bulletin Quest List

Herbs of the Wildwood

Aim: Collect 10 × Eyebright Herbs

↑ Bulletin Quest List

Lumber of the Wildwood

Aim: Cut Lumber × 10 from fallen Trees.

As we discovered after the recent named storms here in Scotland, it makes so much more sense to use any trees already felled (either by people or by Nature), than to cut new trees. So, for Lumber of the Wildwood that’s what we’ll be doing! Unlike other Bulletin items, this is not for trade but for building and repair purposes. This suits both the Brotherhood and League.

The next two quests work well side-by-side and, though I’ve just run it again and they don’t have a 100% drop rate so may not progress at exactly the same rate. However it is more efficient to have both in your quest log at the same time. Also, there was no particular need to show the “quest area” on these as various animals can be found in a variety of places.


You could, in fact, go do Helva’s Edge: Good Hunting, tag on a few extra kills and you’ll have completed the requirement of three quests in one go.

↑ Bulletin Quest List

Poisoned Critters

The only one on the board marked as Urgent is Poisoned Critters. Animals in the Wildwood are being poisoned by Tarkrîp Orcs. Unsurprisingly they don’t want people eating these animals or infecting others. Your job is to “cure them”. There’s no quest item or action, so I guess they just hope people know the right food, concoction, magecraft etc!

Once you have given all the poisoned critters their medicine, then you’ll receive a prompt to complete the quest. They clearly trust you to get the job done!

↑ Bulletin Quest List

Repeatable Wildwood Factionless Quests Map

Wildwood Missions

Missions Slayer Deeds

As well as needing to run all the missions at least once to complete all Wildwood Deeds, the Missions Slayer deedexlink is a separate thing all on its own. So it really is worth your time looking to complete the Wildwood Missions. While you could repeat missions that have many enemies to hit that deed, simply successfully running the missions a few times will likely tick off those deeds without even focusing on it. That’s the best way to clear deeds, I think!

Non-Repeatable Factionless Quests

The last section in this rather epic piece on factionless Wildwood quests concerns a Huntress called Linnet Redholm who can be found at (22.1S,57.5W). The apparently-famous Huntress (and blames the “lazy bards of Bree” for not being locally known!) is hunting large and dangerous foes *. She would have you join her hunts and also stamp out those who abuse and mistreat the creatures in the wood.

Honourable Hunts

Aim: destroy 10 × Poisoned Traps

Release the Hounds

Aims: Release Wolf Cubs × 4, Defeat Wildwood Cub Burglars × 8

Linnet turns her righteous anger on the brigands and thieves who are stealing wolf cubs next. But it’s not just a nice “release the cubs” quest. Oh noooo, she would have you kill eight burglars so that they can’t learn their lesson. Yeah, great.

While the area marks on the map for the Cub Burglars appears to be near Sutwarden, their camp is not at Sutwarden. it is at 25.3S, 55.8W.

The Wildwood Hunt

Remember I mentioned that you can join Linnet Redholm in her hunts? Well now’s your chance, she has four huge marks for you to target. You still get the traditional 23 × Silver Coin, 10 × Copper Coin and 3 × Marks of the Wild for the “parent” quest, but each target is also separately rewarded. I’ll let you read the backstory. I’m just mostly going to show you the target, give approximate coordinates and let you go hunting!

TL;DR No Shortage of Factionless Quests in the Wildwoods!

In total there are 26 RepeatableDaily Repeatable Quest and 6 Non-Repeatable factionless quests in the Wildwood. And that’s excluding the 10 Daily MissionsDaily Repeatable Quest that also count towards the wrappers for the League of the Axe and the Woodcutter’s Brotherhood. “Daily” need not be “Repetative” in the Wildwood of Bree-land. So mix it up, relax and enjoy! Hope this epic guide was useful to someone out there!

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