Hidden Threats of the Wildwood Deed
Root them out, get them out!

LOTRO Hidden Threats of the Wildwood Deed Map and Guide

One of the deeds in the LOTRO Wildwood of Bree-land Region is the Hidden Threats of the Wildwood Deed. Completing it sees you venturing into various corners of the map to find enemies deemed a danger to the Wood itself, or its inhabitants. So here’s my guide to this deed, along with a map of all the target locations!

When the Deed Triggers

Hidden Threats Locations

Here are all the screenshots and locations for this deed. It’s debatable how “hidden” most of them are, especially given the sheer size of the animals in particular! Anyway, if you’re having trouble finding someone and are not a hunter (who can use Passage of Foes and Passage of Nature), consider using a Tome of Tracking tome of tracking1. Just a couple of notes:

  • Respawn timers for your targets don’t seem to be too bad if someone beats you to the kill. As I was taking the shots, I looked back a few minutes later and the creatures had respawned.
  • Locations are approximate as all targets wander. However, they wander the same route, meaning they’ll pass by the coordinates given.

TL;DR May the Hidden Threats Remain Hidden No Longer!

And there you go, one more Wildwood Deed ticked off! It doesn’t form part of a larger deed, as far as I can tell, but you get to see all corners of the region and earn some LOTRO Points to boot. I hope you found this useful – if there are any other corrections you spot, please reach out to me on Twitter or Facebook. Enjoy Middle-Earth!


  1. While you can acquire these from the LOTRO Store, keep and eye on the LOTRO social media profiles and LOTRO beacon. Such tomes are periodically in the free coupon code giveaways.
  2. From “Whip Crack-Away” by Doris Day.

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