LOTRO History of the Dúnedain Deed Guide and Map

LOTRO History of the Dúnedain Deed in Bree-land - Guide and Map!

The Dúnedain, part of the race of mortal Man but with longer life-spans, were long the watchers of events in Middle-Earth, its silent guardians. As part of your exploration of Bree-land, you can uncover some of their historical points of interest. The History of the Dúnedain Deed can (and potentially should) be completed alongside the Ruins of Bree-land Deed. Enjoy the sights – but I’ve also pointed out nearby slayer deed targets too. Take out the targets, then return to enjoy the sights – and remember why you fight.

Using the Deed Map

On the deed map below, each of the six required locations are marked. Where red and blue dots overlap, it is because both are close to each other – or because a Dúnedain history item is located within one of the Bree-land ruins. Where certain historical items are trickier to locate, I’ve provided extra screenshots to guide you.

History of the Dúnedain Locations

So without further ado, let’s get exploring Bree-land!

1. Dúnedain Statue

Map Coordinates: 33.4S, 48.8W

Standing proud and seemingly unmarred by the passage of time, the Dúnedain Statue sits in Ost Baranor, now a den and training ground for Brigands.

The statue depicts Aranarth, the first Chieftain of the Dúnedain. Despite its location among thieves and pillagers, the fact it is pretty much whole, means it’s still likely tended by the Rangers.

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Nearby Objectives:

  • Slayer Deeds: Brigand Slayer
  • Ruins of Bree-land: Ost Baranor

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2. Ancient Inscription

Map Coordinates: 30.2S, 49.1W

The Ancient Inscription can be found in the Crumbled Court, which is home to many bears. These are a source of Medium Hides for Tailor Crafting

This small, unassuming relic seems to be written in the ancient language of the Dúnedain. It may contain an oath, which were historically used to swear allegiance to Chieftains.

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Nearby Objectives

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3. Ancient Cairn

Map Coordinates: 27.1S, 46.6W

The Ancient Cairn is found inside Blackwold’s Roost in Archet Dale. However, you cannot initiate or progress this deed before the burning of Archet.

This cairn may be a monument to Dúnedain who fell in one of the ancient battles that took place sometime after the fall of Arnor.

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Nearby Objectives

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4. Ancient Crest

Map Coordinates: 30.7S, 52.6W – this is in Bree town itself

The Ancient Crest is found in South West Bree in a portion of the town which still has some of the ancient walls in place. It’s a bit out of the way, so I’ve provided additional screenshots below to help you find it.

The Ancient Crest appears to have an old Arnorian symbol on it possibly from the ancient kingdom of Arthedain.

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Nearby Objectives

None in the immediate area. However, if you head out of Bree‘s West Gate, you can go North to map Old Greenway Fort, or South for South-guard Ruins. Alternatively, ride West towards the Shire to find the Hillshire Ruins.

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5. Ancient Altar

Map Coordinates: 31.2S, 44.9W

The Ancient Altar can be found in Midgewater Marsh at Marshwater Fort. The immediate area is infested with spiders. If you started the Epic storyline in Archet (or Dale for Beornings) then the questlines will bring you here.

The Ancient Altar may be Arnorian in origin, and the flowers you can see there suggest it has been used recently.

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Nearby Objectives

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6. Ancient Obelisk

Map Coordinates: 29.5S, 45.8W

The Ancient Obelisk can be found at the very North end of Midgewater Marsh. It is situated in the Woodsedge Ruins and also infested with spiders.

Although seemingly newer than the ruin it stands in, the Ancient Obelisk still appears recently maintained and even updated by the Rangers.

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Nearby Objectives

If you happen to have worked your way through Midgewater Marsh from South to North, the next nearest objective is Blackwold Headquarters for the Ruins of Bree-land Deed.

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Deed Map

This map also includes the Ruins of Bree-land Deed objectives. This is because a number of exploration locations cross over with this deed. I always want to make deeding as easy for you as possible. Click/tap the map to open it full screen.

If you use this map elsewhere on the web, please do link to this guide when you do.

History of the Dúnedain Deed Rewards

Once you have found and used all of the monuments/relics of the Rangers of the North, you will be awarded the following deed rewards:

  • LOTRO Points: 10
  • Men of Bree Reputation: 500
  • Marks: 30
  • Virtue XP: 2,000

Extra Reading

A couple of other sites are linked below so you can learn more about the Dúnedain.

TL;DR Unearth Some of the History of the Dúnedain

The Dúnedain, descendents of a race from the now-removed island of Númenor, play a vital role in Lord of the Rings Lore. Many were deceived by Sauron leading to the fall of Númenor, but some remained Faithful. It is from this rich and varied heritage that Aragorn, son of Arathorn was descended, the future king of Gondor and Arnor. Many saw their “kind” as Rangers, aloof and unfriendly, but the Dúnedain preserved parts of Middle-Earth from threats before anyone knew they existed.

So I hope you enjoyed this small journey into relics from the History of the Dúnedain deed in LOTRO. Only by learning from the past can we avoid repeating those errors and mistakes in the future.

All my content will always be freely available. However, if you'd like to support myself and my family, please consider buying us a virtual coffee. Either way, thank you for visiting, I appreciate it!

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