LOTRO Fate of Gundabad Ultimate Fan Bundle Explored!

LOTRO/StandingStoneGames gave me a free code to get the Fate of Gundabad Ultimate Fan Bundle. However, there were no conditions attached to this amazing gift and no expectations that I would write/say/publicise it in anyway. In short, I wanted to write this, I wasn’t asked to. Shall we get started now?!

LOTRO Fate of Gundabad - Ultimate Fan Bundle - What's in the Box?LOTRO’s next expansion The Fate of Gundabad has not only been announced, but a release date too – the 10th November 2021. The overhaul of the Legendary Item system and introduction of the a new Brawler class are just part of a huge content drop coming this Autumn. Or “Fall” if that’s what your country calls it. Or Spring if you’re in the Southern hemisphere. Anyway, as with any new expansion, SSG have announced three different bundles for you to choose from. I normally don’t need to know about these as I’m still in Gondor on my main character. But with LOTRO’s generosity, I want to highlight some of the key features in the Fate of Gundabad Ultimate Fan Bundle. Let’s open the box and have a look.

Fate of Gundabad Expansion Story

Whatever extras you do – or don’t – buy into, remember that the primary reasons for buying an expansion pack are the new stories, regions, quests and character development. Don’t lose sight of that – all the other things are optional extras. Make the right decision for you.

Brawler Class & Extra Character Slot

All three packages of goodies come with both the new Brawler Class enabled and a character slot. This allows you to try it out, without sacrificing an existing character in the process.

Level Boosters

There are two kinds of level boosting items: An insta-L130 and an equippable XP accelerator.

L130 Valar

This is available in the Ultimate and Collector’s Editions. This has now been delivered as per (When Do Bundle Extras Get Delivered). There is one per account so don’t open the box until you know which character you want to auto-boost to Level 130.

Equippable XP Accelerator

See this as the anti-Tortoise Stone! It enhances the rate of your XP until level 130 (the starting level for the Fate of Gundabad Expansion). This also applies to Mount XP and Legendary Item XP. Note: it does not stack with “other equipped” XP boosters, so it may stack with consumable ones. May. I haven’t tested it.

Mounts and War-Steed

The Ultimate Fan Bundle comes with two mounts, one horse/pony and one boar. The boar is for UFB only. You will also receive the War-Steed Appearance items applicable to which mount(s) you receive. No War-Boar though!

Steed of the Gundabad Reclaimer

Reclaimer War-Steed

This is the cosmetic, sans skull, because that’s just weird.

I tried dying a few pieces. Let’s say, if it does dye, it’s not really noticeable.

Fateful Thunder (Boar)

This boar kicks up flames or leaves when it runs! Which is it do you think?

Fateful War-Steed

I’ve provided two shots here; one as-is, and one with a yellow dye applied.

Outfit Cosmetics

Depending on which package you pick up, there are varying degrees of cosmetics. The Ultimate Fan Bundle comes with two cosmetic outfits and a new weapon aura. I have provided very short videos showing these from nearly all angles. I figured that was better than a gazillion screenshots.

Armour Outfits

Fateful Gundabad Armour Set

See the Fateful Gundabad Armourset
Play this video
See the Fateful Gundabad Armourset

For someone who doesn’t often use really heavy armour, I really like this one. It’s probably the dwarven/celtic knot style link that draws me in.

Armour of the Gundabad Reclaimer

See the Armour of the Gundabad Reclaimer
Play this video
See the Armour of the Gundabad Reclaimer

I won’t be sharing my opinion of this set. Which tells you my opinion of this set!

Barely Worth Dye-ing

Just so you know, they don’t really dye. Some edging just about shows the dye and the odd strap here or there, but that’s really about it.

New Fateful Thunder Weapon Aura

This new weapon aura gives you a lightning effect on your weapon. Or electricity, if electricity had been discovered in Middle-Earth. It can be used on weapons (i.e. not shields) for your main hand, off-hand and ranged weapons. Here’s a quick video I took in the rain, which hopefully shows it better.
See Thunder Weapon Aura
Play this video
See Thunder Weapon Aura

Cosmetic Pets

Crystal Grim (UFB)

Hypnotisingly Beautiful…

See the Crystal Grim Pet
Play this video
See the Crystal Grim Pet

Ukhrash (UFB, CE)

Don’t get an Ukh-rash. Might be itchy.

See the Ukhrash Cosmetic Pet
Play this video
See the Ukhrash Cosmetic Pet

Expedition Supplies

This generic term is basically for “Misc” items. That said, the Ultimate Fan Bundle fair swamped my inventory, so they weren’t tight-fisted in their giveaways.

Standard Expedition Supplies

  • 5 × 100% XP Boost (1hr)

Improved Expedition Supplies

  • 5 × 100% XP Boost (1hr)
  • 5 × Reputation Acceleration Tome
  • 1 × Virtue XP Accelerator
  • 5 × Rare Crafting Components

Ultimate Expedition Supplies

  • 5 × 100% XP Boost (1hr)
  • 5 × Reputation Acceleration Tome
  • 1 × Virtue XP Accelerator
  • 5 × Rare Crafting Components
  • 10,000 Virtue XP
  • Large Dye Carry-All

Dye Carry-All

Bet you can’t guess what this is for?! Though truly, I was grateful for this – as it freed up 32 shared storage slots I was using for dyes! For those of us who keep changing LOTRO outfits, or being indecisive on colours, this is handy. It’s hardly a deal maker or breaker for a LOTRO expansion choice. But it’s a nice to have, not necessarily an incentive.

There are More Things!

I just wanted to do my highlights from the Ultimate Fan Bundle. Others may have a different perspective! But be sure to check out the Expansion Store Page to fully compare packages. Take your time to make a decision.

Buy Now, Upgrade Later

@DruidsFire rightly pointed out that the store page has Buy/Upgrade buttons.
You can always upgrade your Fate of Gundabad Expansion later.
This means you don’t have to commit to a higher package now. Instead, you can purchase one, try it and then upgrade later if you want to. From what I understand, the upgrade will just be the price difference between packages. And I assume, you’ll then receive whichever items were not in your original bundle.

When Do Bundle Extras Get Delivered?

As per the small print on the store:

October 13th 2021

  • Brawler Class
  • Valar Character Boost
  • Additional Character Slot
  • Brawler Gauntlet Box

November 10th 2021*

  • Gundabad Delving Supplies
  • Ultimate Delving Supplies
  • Housing Teleport

The * is simply because the future is uncertain. So, to quote the small print:

In the event of delay to the expansion release, you will receive the expansion items no later than December 10th, 2021.

TL;DR LOTRO Gundabad Ultimate Fan Bundle, or Not?

That is not for me to say. I’m not a sales person, I’m not an employee of SSG and I don’t receive your money when you buy a package or not! What is right for you depends on your circumstances. There are reasons to take up some packages and not others – in either direction, I’d like to point out. Just remember, your decision is only “more final” the higher up you go. You can always upgrade from a lower packge.

And remember, the Fate of Gundabad Expansion is about the new content first and foremost. Look forward to that, then decide what optional extras you might like. Happy LOTRO-ing!

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