FFXIV Gladiator Hunting Log Rank 4

FFXIV Gladiator Hunting Log Rank 4 Guide and Maps

Gladiator Hunting Log Rank 4 has you gallivanting all over the place, so remember to take in the sights between battles. Here’s my guide to clearing this part of your log, along with the occasional related FATE that I’ve spotted along the way. As well as approximate coordinate I’ve given you mini maps to make finding your targets quick and easy. So Gladiator (or Paladin as you may be by now), let’s get to defending Eorzea like a good tank should.

Have You Cleared Rank 3?

If you have not cleared Gladiator Rank 3, please go ahead and do that now. You won’t be able to start Rank 4 until that is cleared.

Are You Level 30+?

While you may have completed the previous difficulty rank, you may be under the level required for Rank 4. So to unlock Gladiator Hunting Log Rank 4, you’ll also need to be at least Level 30.

Gladiator Hunting Log Rank 4

You will need to defeat 3 or 4 of each type (most are 4) to tick them off the list. There are 13 types of enemy to take down.

Reward: 30,000 EXP

Rank 4 Targets

Gladiator 31
EXP 11,000

Gladiator 32
EXP 12,000

Gladiator 33
EXP 12,500

Gladiator 34
EXP 13,000

Gladiator 35
EXP 13,500

Gladiator 36
EXP 14,000

Gladiator 37
EXP 14,500

Gladiator 38
EXP 15,000

Gladiator 39
EXP 16,000

Gladiator 40
EXP 16,500

Total EXP

  • EXP for Each Level: EXP 138,000
  • EXP Clearing Rank 4: EXP 30,000
  • TOTAL: EXP 168,000

Plus whatever EXP you get for the actual defeating of the targets.

TL;DR Taken ’em All Down for Gladiator Hunting Log Rank 4!

Phew, we made it. Well, you made it – so well done! Four down and only one to go. The real bonus of the log is the amount of EXP you get from it. This is especially useful if you’re trying to level more quickly or Gladiator/Paladin is not your primary class. Gladiator Hunting Log Rank 4 takes you to a wide variety of locations with difference scenery and weather, try to enjoy the journey as well!

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