FFXIV Gladiator Hunting Log Rank 3
Clear Difficulty 3 with Ease!

Gladiator Hunting Log Rank 3 takes you over the halfway mark in clearing the entire Hunting log for Gladiator and Paladin.

Have You Cleared Rank 2?

If you have not cleared Gladiator Rank 2, please go ahead and do that now. You won’t be able to start Rank 3 until that is cleared.

Are You Level 20+?

It is totally possible to clear a difficulty rank of the Hunting Log while under the minimum level of the next rank. So to unlock Gladiator Hunting Log Rank 3, you’ll also need to be at least Level 20.

Gladiator Hunting Log Rank 3

You will need to defeat 3 or 4 of each type (most are 4) to tick them off the list. There are 12 types of enemy to take down.

Reward: 20,000 EXP

And lastly, before we crack on with the rank 3 enemies, I’m aware some of these screenshots were taken during in-game night time. I will replace these with daytime pictures once I have a chance. Thanks for your patience!

Rank 3 Targets

All the enemy screenshots below can be viewed full size. Just click/tap on their image.

Gladiator 21
Reward: EXP 6,300 EXP


× 4

I bet you can’t work out what these creatures’ primary defence is, can you?! Thankfully, even if someone else is clearing their Gladiator Hunting Log Rank 3 at the same time as you, there are loads of Stoneshells for you here.

Stoneshell Location

These are found in Upper La Noscea (Oakwood) as you head towards Memeroon’s Trading Post.


Around X: 13.2 Y: 24.4

Nearest Aetherytes

Upper La Noscea: Camp Bronze Lake (Fly or take the boat to Oakwood)
Western La Noscea: Aleport


× 3

Yay, another semi-sentient plant. Kedtraps are huge, moving “flowers” that spit seeds at you. It’s so nice to know the Twelveswood is so calm and tranquil.

Kedtrap Location

These can be picked off individually, so I’ve marked a few dots on the map. However, the easiest way to clear it is if the FATE Kickin’ it with the Kedtrapsexlink is on.

Nearest Aetheryte

South Shroud: Quarrymill

Gladiator 22
Reward: EXP 6,500 EXP

Lead Coblyn

× 4

These rock-munching critters can be found in the tunnel between Vesper Bay and Cape Westwind further North.

Lead Coblyn Location

Remember the Bloated Bogy from Gladiator Rank 2? It’s the same tunnel – just a bit deeper in.

Nearest Aetheryte

Western Thanalan: Horizon

Gladiator 23
Reward: EXP 6,700 EXP

Overgrown Offering

× 4

There’s probably a quest somewhere around here that explains who these are offerings for or to. Suffice to say that they won’t exactly be willing sacrifices.

Overgrown Offering Location

These can be found to the West of Quarrymill. Or, more accurately, North-East of Buscarron’s Druthers. They’re not difficult to spot, what with being “overgrown” and all that.


Around X: 19.3, Y: 19.3

Nearest Aetheryte

South Shroud: Quarrymill

Gladiator 24
Reward: EXP 6,900 EXP

Coeurl Pup

× 4

You know that cute little Coeurl Kitten minion you get really early on in FFXIV? Well, early-ish anyway. That kitten becomes a Coeurl Pup (no confusion there). Well I hope your sofa or garden is big for when kitty grows up!

Coeurl Pup Location

You can find the pups at Fool Falls in Upper La Noscea – you know, on the island with no Aetheryte. There are a few pups here, but also some full-grown ones. Just giving you a heads up.

Nearest Aetheryte

Outer La Noscea: Camp Bronze Lake (fly, or take the nearby ferry).

Gladiator 25
Reward: EXP 7,100 EXP


× 4

Balloons, self-powering, self-detonating balls of flaming fury. It’s probably not advisable for you to hand these out at a children’s birthday party. At least Bomb was an accurate description!

Balloon Location

You can find these floating around in ones or twos West of Fallgourd Float. They mingle with the Banemites, which is great if you need the materials to make Velveteen. Not so great otherwise.


Around X: 17.5, Y: 26.5 (but you’ll need to wander a fair bit from this spot).

Nearest Aetheryte

North Shroud: Fallgourd Float

Gladiator 26
Reward: EXP 7,600 EXP


× 4

These walking Cacti roam around Little Ala Mhigo in Southern Thanalan. Do look for the little hunting log symbol over their “heads” though. This is because not all Sabotender bear the name without some other word attached!

Have fun having loads of needles flung in your direction. You’d better put those Gladiator skills to use with some interrupts!

Sabotender Location

These can be found South of Little Ala Mhigo towards “Burnt Lizard Creek”. Lovely.


Around X: 17.1, Y: 15.5

Nearest Aetheryte

Southern Thanalan: Little Ala Mhigo

Gladiator 27
Reward: EXP 8,600 EXP

Qiqirn Roerunner

× 4

Qiqirn Roerunner Location

Wherever the Qirqirn go, trouble seems to ensue. There’s no wonder the poor innocent trading Qiqirn in Limsa is terrified! As cute as they look, it is your duty as a Gladiator of Ul’dah to thin the rat-like beings. Four of them to be precise.


Around X: 23.9, Y: 23.1

Nearest Aetheryte

Eastern Thanalan: Camp Drybone

Gladiator 28
Reward: EXP 9,400 EXP

Goblin Thug

× 4

No trading tongueflaps for jingly-shine when gobbieflock swift-takes jinglyshine from goodly uplander by pointy-stabby things.

Goblin Thug Location

While they may be experienced in thuggery, these Goblins do give themselves away when it comes to their location. Goblinsmeet. It’s even labelled on the map East of Quarrymill!


Around X: 28.0, Y: 21.0

Nearest Aetheryte

South Shroud: Quarrymill

Gladiator 29
Reward: EXP 9,700 EXP

Coeurlclaw Cutter

× 4

Did no one ever tell these Miqo’te that it’s cruel to cut the claws of cats? I’d’ve thought that was clear to that race of all of them! Anyhow, Coeurlclaw Cutters are the Gladiator-esque Miqo’te with a dagger and wooden shield.

Coeurlclaw Cutter Location

You can find them among other Coeurlclaw combatants outside of Takers Rot. And there are enough to be able to clear the log even if the nearby FATE is not on. You may have to wait for one or two to respawn depending on other players’ activity but that’s all.


Around X: 30.0, Y: 21.0 (TBC)

Nearest Aetheryte

South Shroud: Quarrymill

Gladiator 29
Reward: EXP 10,000 EXP


× 4

These cute birds provide eggs and down for crafting and spit fish at you to interrupt your casting. Oh, that rhymed. Never mind.

Apkallu Location

Apkallu are on and near the road from Eastern to Lower La Noscea. However, there is also a convenient rock that a few always gather on. That makes it easy to clear this stage of the Gladiator Hunting Log Rank 3.


The rock is at X: 29.1, Y: 35.8

Nearest Aetheryte

Eastern La Noscea: Costa del Sol


× 3

Pteroc are fire-breathing wannabe “Pterocdactyl”, maybe? They don’t fly, but they do try.

Pteroc Location

It’s a fair walk or ride from Camp Overlook in Outer La Noscea, if you haven’t got flight yet. Head to where this area leads to Upper La Noscea and you’ll find a few for your Hunting Log, no problem.


Around X: 15.0, Y: 18.8

Nearest Aetheryte

Outer La Noscea: Camp Overlook

TL;DR Ramp it up with your Gladiator Hunting Log Rank 3!

Well done, you’re now more than half done with Gladiator Hunting Log as a whole now. If you’re a Weaver, and no one else looks like they need Apkallu, you can farm them for Apkallu Down. Though the drop rate does test your patience somewhat! Thanks for reading – hope it was useful, and stay tuned for Rank 4! Thanks!

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