LOTRO Sites of Yondershire Deed

LOTRO Sites of Yondershire Deed Guide and Map

When I start a new region, one of the first things I want to do is explore it! The Sites of Yondershire Deed is easy to do, especially if you follow the quests, but the thing about Yondershire is that it is a wild, largely untamed region that is brimming with life. And the variation in landscape and building types that makes it a really interesting deed to complete. It’s a real testament to the effort SSG put in when designing new areas in LOTRO. So this exploration-style deed may be easy, but I wanted an excuse to share more screenshots and maybe encourage you to jump into Yondershire. So, let’s start exploring!

Sites of Yondershire Locations

Bâr Faroth

LOTRO Bâr Faroth in Yondershire30.0S, 77.1W

You’ll have to climb really high up the hill to reach Bâr Faroth. The Bingo Boffin questline brings you here, but if you’re on-level, it’s going to be “fun” once you step inside. Goblins hold this fortress and although the WikiExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) says a massive number of chests spawn here, you will have to fight quite a lot to reach them!

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Ost Lagorath

Ost Lagorath, a ruin in the North of the region, held by brigands.
21.8S, 82.3W

Those we’re accustomed to calling “brigands” are called “ruffians” by the local Hobbits! Which does sound like they’re more of a nuisance than a threat, but never mind. The ruined fortress of Ost Lagorath is now held by the “ruffians”, regardless of what storied past it has.

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LOTRO Taerhad - stands proudly atop a hill but is the den of half-orc brigands.21.6S, 74.4W

Taerhad, as with other key landmarks in Yondershire also stands proudly on its own summit. Your welcoming party will be half-orcs (are these just “ruffians” too, I wonder?). A questgiver hides behind a tree to the North of Taerhad – a “ruffian” one at that. Enjoy!

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Tham Amothir

LOTRO Tham Amothir in Yondershire - one of the Sites you need for the deed.
27.2S, 86.4W

Tham Amothir appears to be an Elven ruin, very similar to the others you may in the Explorer of Ered Luin Deed. Sadly, it is as equally overrun, though with half-orcs on this occasion.

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LOTRO Gamwich - the beautiful forest town with a lovely lake at its centre.
24.0S, 82.5W

Is Gamwich pronounced Gam-witch or Gam-itch? Either way, is is a village or town within the woods and features a beautiful lake where Hobbits are fishing. Feel free to join them by learning LOTRO Fishing! For one quest you will, though not for fish, obviously!

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Long Cleeve

LOTRO Long Cleeve, part of the Sites of the Shire Deed
22.1S, 78.7W

Long Cleave is one of the forest-based town in Yondershire (see: Gamwich for the other one). And this “site” is also home to many animals that you may or may not get roped into helping with!

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  • The Quick-Post of Yondershire


LOTRO Nobottle - the village you begin your Yondershire adventures!
26.9S, 78.9W

Whether you arrive in Yondershire from the Evendim road or from Needlehole in the Shire, Nobottle is the first settlement you’ll encounter. The Yondershire starter quest brings you here, and is a quest hub/throughfare for a fair number of storylines, including Bingo Boffin’s. You may also find that this village triggers the Sites of Yondershire Deed.

Nobottle has most of the main vendors you would expect, too. Though don’t look for crafting facilities – the only one I remember in all of Yondershire is an Oven for cooks.

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LOTRO Tighfield - just down the road from Nobottle
27.3S, 86.4W

Just West of Nobottle lies Tighfield. The intro quest brings you here also and there are other quests awaiting you too. These include playing Hide-and-Seek (or Seekers and Hiders), a quest that highlighted just how unobservant I am – even with floaty names on!

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LOTRO Lhûngobel is the farthest-flung ruin in the North-west
19.1S, 88.7W

Where the Yondershire map fades to papyrus (or similar), in the very North-West lies Lhúngobel. Goblins inhabit the ruins, though for what purpose? The WikiExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) has hints, but you’re better experiencing it for yourself!

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Sites of Yondershire Deed Map

You can click/tap the map to see it full-sized – or as large as your device will let you anyway. As I’ve already said, the Sites of the Yondershire deed is pretty easy – and if you do all the quests in the region, you will visit all these locations anyway. But if you haven’t hopefully this deed map will help you out.

Deed Rewards

If you’re wondering whether to jump in and become the latest Explorer of Yondershire, then here are a few extra screenshots for you! Not of ones from this deed, but just around the region. There’s so much to see, so do enjoy the journey.

TL;DR Head to the Sites for the Sights!

Yondershire is so varied; one minute you’re in a lake in the middle of a forest and the next you find yourself on top of a high crag. The Sites of Yondershire Deed gives you the full wandering, exploring experience. You almost cover every extreme of the map too! Take your time to enjoy this deed, and anything else you’re playing in LOTRO, and I’ll see you next time!

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