Raven of the Night - Black LOTRO Outfit Idea

Raven of the Night - LOTRO Outfit IdeaAutumn, where the nights draw in, the leaves begin to fall and when Wistmead is open to all who find being terrified a form of entertainment. In keeping with the spirit(s) of the Season, my Crickhollow Guardian borrowed her life-partner’s Raven and brings you The Raven of the Night LOTRO Outfit.Don’t worry, he was behind her all the way, as were a gazilion other birds!

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How to Get Your Own Raven Pet

I believe there are only three ways you can obtain a Raven pet in LOTRO:
  • Be a Lore-Master: Lore-Masters can learn Raven Lore fairly early on in LOTRO. There are different species of Ravens. These include Blood Raven and Frost Raven.
  • Anniversary: At the LOTRO Anniversary Event, you can obtain a Raven pet tome from the Eriador Scavenger Hunt (and the main one too I believe).
  • Auction House (AH): If you’re not a Lore-Master, you can have a shot at looking for a Raven on AH. But as obtaining them is labour-intensive and only happens at the Anniversary, you may find supply low and prices high!

Raven of the Night Screenshots

For the first time, I’m offering to show two variants on my LOTRO Outfits, one aimed at female characters and one aimed at male ones. Obviously, if you want your male character to wear a dress then that is your decision to take. I simply show alternatives here.

Outfit with Dress

All items in this outfit dye really well, making them very flexible in the impact dyes have when designing your own cosmetic appearances.

Outfit With Robes

Ayrthir models the version of The Raven of the Night. Don’t worry I didn’t go through the Haunted Burrow with the Blood Raven pet, as I find pets really annoying in there!Note: this variant is without the cloak, so you can see what it may look like as-is.

Potent Bird Seeds

The flock of overwhelming birds, which you experience in the Haunted Burrow, is an involuntary emote. It is created by purchasing Potent Bird Seed from the Fall Festival vendor. This costs 3 × Fall Festival Tokens for five consumables.You can disable involuntary emotes in the Options panel if you don’t want to be affected by this sorts of effects.

How to Make this LOTRO Outfit

All the items in this list are dyed Black. However, the Travelling Robes of the Autumn Traveller look good in both Grey and Black dyes.
  • Head: Raven Festival Mask (see below on ways you can obtain this)
  • Shoulders: Medium Nadhin Shoulders
  • Back: Cloak of the Autumn Traveller
  • Upperbody: Dress of the Anorian Autumn or Travelling Robes of the Autumn Wanderer
  • Gardening Boots: Farmers Faire cosmetic outfit reward.
Slots you may ignore
  • Hands and Legs: Both the dress and the robe hide the hand and leg slots.
  • Feet: the dress hides the feet completely.

Raven Festival Mask

There are two ways to obtain the Raven festival mask, as far as I can tell.
  1. For 12 Fall Festival Tokens from Rosa Hornblower at the Party Tree or in Wistmead.
  2. There is a chance it can appear as loot from one of the chests beyond the Mystery Door in the Haunted Burrow.

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