Guardian of the Light - LOTRO Outfit

Guardian of Light - LOTRO Outfit Idea for Guardians

It has been some time – okay a very long time since I added a new LOTRO outfit and this, despite having had two ready-made and just needing screenshots and a write-up! This one, Guardian of the Light came to me during the LOTRO Ill Omens Event. I realised you can react to darkness in two opposite ways: Fight it with Light, or join it. Yes, you could try to ignore it, but that’s hardly inspiring. So this outfit represents the Light – and the dark design is on its way.

Guardian Of the Light In-Action

There are a couple of items I’ve borrowed from Wood Elf at Heart but the rest has been designed as a heavy-ish outfit. Also, sometime in the future, I will also be showing this outfit on other races and genders.

How to Make This Outfit

Almost every item that can be is dyed white in this outfit. Find a colour that suits your character, though.

Ceremonial Hat of the Written Word


Shoulders of the Waking Wood


Reveller’s Gilded Cloak

Upper Body

Breastplate of the Golden Forest Defender


Boots of the Golden Forest Defender


Gauntlets of the Hidden Paths
I have not yet found any other item with the same skin as this, which is a real shame)


Defender of Gwingris
This shares Angolgrist and some crafted swords (Thanks Material Middle Earth).


Elven Soldier’s Shield
Image c/o LOTRO-Wiki.

TL;DR Stand Out with this Guardian Outfit

I’ve found making good-looking Guardian outfits kind of tricky due to the natural bulkiness of heavy armour. By mixing up different armour types and including two purposeful Elven pieces, I think Guardian of the Light is a good balance between form and function. If you end up using this outfit – especially if you use a different dye colour – I’d love to see your creations, so do share them!

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