Wood Elf at Heart - LOTRO Outfit for a Female Character (Race of Man)

Wood-Elf at Heart - LOTRO Outfit Idea for Woman, (Female Race of Man)

To any LOTRO players that follow my tweets about Glinmaethor, my Guardian, will understand her conflicted mind about her identity and loyalty. She is a Dùnedan Woman – so, long-lived but very much mortal. But most of her life she’s had an affinity with Elves.

So here is the first of a few simple LOTRO Outfits designed to express the fact that she’s an “Elf at Heart”.

In this first outfit, she maintains one part of her armour representing her Dùnedan heritage too.

The Refuge from Trouble

When she wanted time and space to think, Glinmaethor retreated to Elven havens. (Not “the” Havens!) Sometimes it was Rivendell but many times it was the Golden Wood of Lothlórien.

N’wyn Glinmaethor is more in tune with nature compared to some of the Race of Man. Although destined to be at the front of great battles, she’s never more at peace than in a wood guarded by Elves.

Her bow skills were taught by Caethir, the Elf she loves. She chose to develop those skills even in his absense. In this way, a part of him was always with her.

Glinmaethor defends anyone who needs defending, but she somehow slotted in really easily in the defence of Elven lands. She crafted an Elven Shield too. The Enemy wouldn’t care, but she did.

Caethir’s brother, Ayrthir is a Lore-Master and Glinmaethor is known well by him. With his assistance she was able to tame an Elk for her wanderings, when away from battle grounds.

Creating This Outfit

  • Item: Ceremonial Hat of the Written Word (Wikiexternal-link-alt)
  • Acquired: Skirmish Camp, Cosmetics Vendor
  • Dye: Forest Green Dye


  • Item: Fine Grey Company Wrap (Wikiexternal-link-alt)
  • Acquired: Dunland Epic Quests, occasionally Lalia’s Market/Mithril Vendors
  • Dye: None (it is Black by default)

Upper Body

  • Item: Time-Worn Tunic and Waistcoat (Wikiexternal-link-alt)
  • Acquired: High Elf intro (Light Armour classes)
  • Dye: Forest Green


  • Item: Shoes of the Hopeful Melody (Wikiexternal-link-alt)
  • Acquired: Skirmish Camp, Classic Vendor
  • Dye: Rivendell Green


  • Item: Gauntlets of the Hidden Paths (Wikiexternal-link-alt)
  • Acquired: Great River, Quest Reward
  • Dye: Rivendell Green


  • Item: Cloak of the Golden Forest Defender (Wikiexternal-link-alt)
  • Acquired: Curator, Bree
  • Dye: Forest Green


  • Sword: Defender of Gwingris, Eregion Quest Reward (Wikiexternal-link-alt)
  • Shield: Elven Soldier’s Shield, Metalsmith Crafting Recipe (T5) (Wikiexternal-link-alt)
  • Bow: Bow of the Wildermore Huntsman, People of Wildermore Reputation Vendor (Wikiexternal-link-alt)

Elven Outfit for the Race of Man?

Well, it’s Elven-themed. I have found it quite challenging making an Elven outfit for a human woman. Pieces that slot together well on a female Elf may not do on a human. But this is a role-playing thing for me – what is Glinmaethor comfortable in and expresses who she is?

That’s why in this LOTRO outfit, she maintains her Grey Company/Dùnedain shoulders.

Never lose sight of who you are, nor where you came from, as you take the next step forward.

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