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For some bizarre reason, Shrew Stomping has (as far as I know), always featured in the LOTRO Spring Festival. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Shrew Pets feature among the critters available.There are four in total, but there is some variety in how you acquire them.

Plain Shrew

The Plain Shrew actually looks less plain than the Dusty Shrew! It has a few blemishes on its fur - maybe wounds healing from the last time it got embroiled in Stomp-a-Shrew.

How to Get the Plain Shrew

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Dusty Shrew

The Dusty Shrew actually has pretty clean-looking fur and looks almost fluffy in comparison to the Plain Shrew.

If I have a shrew pet with me, it's usually this one.

How to Get the Dusty Shrew

There are a couple of ways to earn this one, too.

That box is awarded for completing Terrible Tweens a Spring Festival Hedge Maze quest.

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Spotted Shrew

The Spotted Shrew is darker than the other two shrew pets, with its fur being more brown than creme.

This one also has - as you should expect - spots in its fur.

As there are four, it's a good thing that LOTRO gave you two ways to earn the shrew pets, otherwise you'd be down by 150×Spring Leaves on the three standard shrews alone!

How to Get the Spotted Shrew

  • 50× Spring Leaves Spring Leaves, or
  • You may also be able to capture one from Patches of Flowers while running the quest: A Fistful of Flowers.

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Large Shrew

Okay, the bane of my existence in Spring Festival is finding players running Stomp-a-Shrew, with their Large Shrew in tow!

This one is a huge version of the Plain Shrew and looks like it could be a mount (but sadly is not).

How to Get the Large Shrew

Unlike the others, the Large Shrew is neither cheap, nor easy/relaxed to acquire.

Apart from Stomp-A-Shrew being regarded as the quickest way to earn Spring Leaves Spring Leaves, it's also the only way to get the Large Shrew without paying that eye-watering price.

How to Get That Green Box

To get the Green box, you need to have the quest Stomp-a-Shrew - an Enormous Shrew active during a round of Shrew Stomping. And you need to be the one that defeats the Large Shrew whenever it emerges. If you're quick of the mark (I am not), you'll get that green box. But, ah-ha! You only have a chance of the Large Shrew dropping from it. Have fun with that.

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Extra Details

  • Festival/Event: Spring Festival
  • Species: Other
  • Year Introduced: 2014
  • Price: Spring Leaves × 50 Spring Leaves
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