Floral Kite
LOTRO Spring Festival Pet

Floral Kite Pet Description

As well as the Moth Kite, the other "pet" of this type you can pick up is the Floral Kite. I still find it amusing that these are pets - but I've seen another MMO utilise the pet for accessories in much the same way. It's good "out of the box" thinking.

I don't think you'll be shocked to know that this one features a flower. What is interesting is that I can't think of another Spring Fest cosmetic featuring such a flower, nor focusing on the colour purple.

What Flower is on the Floral Kite?

I wouldn't normally include random research in my pets database. But as my wife currently has white lilies on the kitchen table, it made me think about it. And, I think the closest I've found are types of purple lily. If you have a better idea, please let me know!

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