Male Spring Pheasant
LOTRO Spring Festival Pet

Male Spring Pheasant Pet Description

I had to do a bit of digging to find out which year the Male Spring Pheasant arrived. Turns out 2018 was a year for pets at Spring Festival!

As you would expect, the male pheasant is a proud beauty of his own, complete with multi-layered browns and a dark teal head. You can tell a lot of work went into creating a believable pheasant here, even years after its creation.

The Male Spring Pheasant's Skill Name

Apologies in advance for the repetition of words from the pet's name, it's kinda unavoidable.

There is a difference between the name of the item you acquire to learn the skill, and the name of the skill itself:

Item: (Skill) Tome Tome of the Male Spring Pheasant (Wiki Info)
Skill Name: Spring Pheasant - Male.

The Female Spring Pheasant has the same naming quirk. So, on the off-chance you were confused with the naming convention, I wanted to explain it!

Extra Details

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