Woodland Rabbit
LOTRO Spring Festival Pet

Woodland Rabbit Pet Description

One of the cutest pets to come out of the LOTRO Spring Festival is the Woodland Rabbit.

This cute, grey-furred bunny is very life-like and has a lovely "cleaning paws" animation. And it just looks so fluffy!

It took a bit of work to get a great screenshot of it. Smaller pets are always trickier, but hopefully I've encouraged you to go get one!

How to Get the Woodland Rabbit

You can adopt yours for 25× Spring Leaves Spring Leaves. If you miss Spring Fest, the Auction House is your only way, though usually pets are overpriced there. You may get lucky on your server, though. Alternatively, a Kin-mate may have spares.

Item: (Skill) Tome Tome of the Woodland Rabbit (Wiki)

Extra Details

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