Silly Goose
LOTRO Spring Festival Pet

Silly Goose Pet Description

At various points in my life, I've heard the phrase Silly Goose to mean someone who did something a bit daft or clumsy. I can't attest whether this is true of the LOTRO Goose pet shown here, however!

Which Name?

This is one of those cases similar to the Female Spring Pheasant, where the name of the (Skill) Tome Tome is not the name of the skill.

Maybe it really is daft, but it's just trying to hide it! Either way, when you're searching your abilities for the skill to summon this slightly grumpy-looking bird, it's just called...Goose. Honk!

How to Get This Pet

Purchase a (Skill) Tome Tome of the Silly Goose (See the WikiExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab)) for 25× Spring Leaves Spring Leaves.

Extra Details

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