Adorable Sicklefly
LOTRO Spring Festival Pet

Adorable Sicklefly Pet Description

This screenshot was taken from the public beta <Bullroarer> and may or may not change when the event officially goes live.

So, you've endured the Sicklefly Slayer Deed in Bree-land and swatted a whole bunch of them. So what more logical thing could you do except adopt an Adorable Sicklefly?

Adorable Sicklefly?!

Those two words create an oxymoron, don't they? I mean, undoubtedly, it does have some pretty and vivid colours. Beauty in the eye of the Beholder and all that. But it has a stinging tail and a poisonous bite! Not actually as it's a LOTRO Pet, but RPG with me here. I took a picture of it face-on. Does it look more adorable now it's looking directly at you?

Extra Details

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