May 2020 – Jedi’s Journal – FibroJedi’s Newsletter

Jedi's Journal - FibroJedi's Newsletter - May 2020

What a rather insane world we’re living in at the moment! And although there are some suggestions of a possible plan to maybe begin to return to “normal” we’re not there yet. Hard to believe it’s already month since I did the COVID Lockdown edition of Jedi’s Journal, but a lot has happened since. So here goes!

Health & Personal Update

Things continue to be variable and really tough health-wise. While I’ve not had any signs of a recurrance of my seizures, being away from home and not in our normal environment is still stressful. The cat is still unsettled and frequently refuses to eat. I see where he’s coming from. And my Fibromyalgia pain continues to be really, really high.

That Dratted Windows Reinstall

Thank you to the many that helped, advised and encouraged during that dratted Windows reinstall. Apart from the odd hiccup and image thumbnails frequently breaking, my computer is far more stable now. It took me a while to find an anti-virus and firewall that used minimal system resources (to give more for games, naturally). But even that’s sorted. So hopefully I don’t need to go through that again any time soon!

Website Fixes & Improvements

As well as actually working on content, I’ve been using the extra space afforded me by lockdown to improve my website for you all. This includes:

  • Graphical Updates: improving imagery usage, adding varying layouts and generally making it more visually appealing. This impacts particularly large-screen users who have missed out in the past due to a focus on improving mobile speed.
  • Website Speed: while I’m aware there is more to do, I’ve been trying to improve server-side caching. This should improve load time for most of you.
  • Title Image Variety: I’ve been trying not to make the title image (featured image) too same-y on all posts. Hopefully that will get them a bit of attention rather than just being passed over.
  • Fixes: Various UI fixes have been done. These also includes missing FontAwesome icons that vanished, because they moved them from free to paid. So (free) alternatives have been inserted instead.


Having lost a week’s productivity to reinstalling Windows, I lost my opportunity for new LOTRO content.

However April saw a high number of updated posts and guides:

LOTRO Buried Treasure Event Guide
LOTRO Buried Treasure Event: LOTRO brought in a number of rewards from Hobnanigans into Buried Treasure! I took the opportunity to overhaul the rewards section and improve the layout too.

Read Now

Time to Celebrate LOTRO Anniversary Event 2020! It's their 13th Anniversary!
LOTRO’s 13th Anniversary Event: Anniversary is back with a new mount, War-Steed Cosmetics and heavy armour outfit cosmetic.
UI improvements were made here also.

Read Now

LOTRO Eriador Scavenger Hunt - Tales, Trifles and Travels - My Diary: Years 1-8 Now Live
Eriador Scavenger Hunt: I’ve begun to improve parts of my Scavenger Hunt guide.
As the quests are not character-repeatable, this will take time to complete.
So please check back!

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My Top 10 Free LOTRO Plugins to enhance your gaming experience
Top LOTRO Plugins: I discovered a fab new mount plugin, so updated my Plugins post from top 9 to top 10!
Full details, including how to start using Plugins in LOTRO, if you’re new to it:

Read Now


In terms of SWTOR, I’ve made a concerted effort to bring some of the LOTRO Events love to Star Wars: The Old Republic. So, although not many posts were updated, there are two shiny new SWTOR Event Guides!

SWTOR Rakghoul Resurgence Event Guide, Missions and Rewards
SWTOR Rakghoul Event Guide
Rakghoul Resurgence takes place on various planets in the SWTOR Galaxy.
I finally put my reservations and Rak-aversion to one side and bring a full event and rewards guide to you.

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SWTOR Bounty Contract Week 2020 - How to Get Started, and the BBA Rewards Available
SWTOR Bounty Contract Week Event
This ended up being Part 1, because there’s so much going on with Bounty Contract Week! But my guide here tells you how to get started, how the event works and how you can cash in your rewards. Get hunting!

Read Now

TL;DR – I was Busier Than I Realised

Phew, apparently, despite lockdown, IT issues, ridiculous pain – a lot happened in April. And that doesn’t include my post on How to Make Gaming Animated GIFs. And plenty more is planned for May too.

Remember, to stay safe and look after yourselves. Many of you think of me and my family, support us and encourage us. Don’t forget yourselves too.

May the Spoons Be With You,


All my content will always be freely available. However, if you'd like to support myself and my family, please consider buying us a virtual coffee. Either way, thank you for visiting, I appreciate it!

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