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The question of leaving Twitter has been brewing for many months now. While I can be very reactionary, when I know there are knock-on effects for me, or it impacts others, I try to take my time. I’ve also never been one to just leap at the latest shiny thing. In the past that related to clothes or trends. Nowadays, I don’t need the latest appearances or outfits for my characters in games – and I won’t start a new expansion on day one.

But when it comes to my mental health I’ve usually ended up stuck between what I think I should do and a desire to fulfil either a role or obligation to others. In short, at the point of making a decision, I don’t.

This is my blog. I have a right to post my opinions on it and I am not targeting any individuals whatsoever. If you're happy with this, please continue on.

Twitter Isn’t Safe for Me Anymore

While I may come across as confident and occasionally humorous here and on Social Media, I’m not a strong-minded, or thick-skinned person.

For ages now I’ve had tweets “liked” by probable-bot accounts trying to get me to click their, let’s say, “adult” links. And I’m having to almost constantly block this stuff. Shoving pictures of women’s bodies in everyone’s faces isn’t social media.

It’s also degrading to women and perpetuates the lie that it’s okay to treat them like that.

Other Reasons

There are other reasons why I don’t feel I am protected there, but I don’t have to share them all.

I have spoken all this through with wifey and she is in agreement that I need to do this for my mental health.

Water Off a Duck’s Back?

AI generation using Bing of a duck covered in oil from pollution while standing on a beach.

People talk about “water off a duck’s back”, but if a duck has too much oil on its feathers, water becomes a danger.

In the same way, for me, after having stuff dumped into my head too often, I can’t distance myself from it anymore.

Twitter Isn’t Really About Free Speech

The more I hear about people being blasted to the outer galaxies for a tweet – either recently or 20 years ago – the less I think Twitter is about free speech.

You see, if you pour hate on a hater, they will continue to hate. If you try to love a hater, they will ridicule you and continue to hate. But if you pour hate on the compassionate, some of them will break.

My LOTRO Guardian, near a forge, holding her head.

Free Speech is only free if everyone can talk without fear.

I don’t feel that is true of Twitter any more. So long as you either go with the angry crowd or remain silent, you do fine.

I can’t remain silent any more. But neither do I want my mind hurt, damaged or otherwise negatively impacted anymore.

In a world of unbridled hate speech, hate speech will always be louder and get more reaction. The recent issue while I was defending LOTRO’s right to be treated as human beings just broke me. I’m still not totally over it days later. Destroying people through text-speech and hate is not social media.

Friends Transcend Systems

I’ll stop writing soon, because you know what? I’m writing this for my friends – my friends and those who I have tried to treat right and who have treated me right. Friends who can both encourage me, yet correct me if I’m wrong. I don’t want to be surrounded by a “Council of Yes”. I am not the Senate.

So I want to thank the friends that transcend systems. Some of you follow me around on other platforms too, and that is appreciated. But friends have sent my family things to help and support us, have gifted drawing, have sent crafting supplies. And, most importantly, friends who are still friends after the years I’ve known them, whether they “do” anything or whether they just “are”.

Leaving Twitter, but Not Inactive

So, yes, I’m leaving Twitter. But I don’t trust it, nor the bad people and groups that use it. So I cannot afford to let the account become inactive. That could lead to it becoming deleted and my @FibroJediExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) handle being misused.

I don’t need my name dragging through proverbial mud, or others being misled by someone pretending to be me either.

It’s not that I’m a somebody. To Twitter/X/Polka-dot-monkey-king-platform I’m an unpaying nobody. But “evil people with evil intentions will commit evil deeds”, to quote Strider in LOTRO. I won’t have even one person taken advantage of under my name.

So, I’ll check in occasionally, but I won’t commit to how often that will happen.

Ko-Fi to Twitter

As I currently have the option to auto-post to Twitter whenever I add one to Ko-Fi, I’ll continue to use that feature.

But there’s no way to customise that auto-tweet, so you won’t often find me on hashtags.

So, Where Am I?

I’m still not hard to find!

Other Social Platforms


Find me on Mastodon or the Fediverse at @FibroJedi@gamepad.club

My new social home is on Mastodon at @[email protected]External Link (Opens in New Window/Tab). So long as you see the green tick next to my domain name, you know it’s the real me. I hope that matters.

Mastodon: green tick next to my website URL.

But it’s not a like-for-like replacement to Twitter. I’m not posting all the time as I did on Twitter. And I post about LOTRO, FFXIV, my fiction-writing and anything else. Feel free to mute words/hashtags if you only want to see my posts about a certain game or topic though. I won’t know, so I won’t be offended!


The header of my Facebook page

I try to remember to post new and updated blog posts on my Facebook pageExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab).

But I suck at replying to comments and messages! I’m sorry. It’s partially my fault for forgetting to check, and partially because I don’t get the notifications. So FB is more an “announcements” stream than social for me.

Also, sorry about FB over-compressing all my images. I hate it, but can’t change it.

(Occasionally) Bluesky

FibroJedi BlueSky Header

I’m not totally comfortable with Bluesky. Only because I’m not used to it yet, but no other reason. Mastodon is, and will continue to be, my primary social platform.

I also don’t want to feel like I have to post everywhere, or that I should post only about expected subjects. That’s the issue I’m mostly feeling my way through. Like if LOTRO people from Twitter follow me over on BlueSky, I start to feel like I can’t talk about FFXIV, for example. That’s my issue, not yours though!

Anyway, my username there is @fibrojedi.me.ukExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab)

Other Places

Here on the Blog

My lack of tweets does not mean I will stop creating content! If anything, not being on social media as much makes it easier to create content, because I only focus on one thing.

I will continue to cover LOTRO events and other topics as I have for years. To see the latest and updated posts, see the bottom of my homepage. And for larger screens, I try to keep the sidebar up-to-date with “pinned” posts that relate to current, ongoing events or issues, as well as a recent post.

What the 'New and Updated' section looks like.

Patreon and Ko-Fi

You can also find me on Patreon hereExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab), or Ko-Fi hereExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab).

I don’t say this to get donations or subscribers. You can follow on both platforms for free.

I believe you can also set up an email notification on when I post to Ko-Fi, if you really want to know.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

So that’s it, really. I’m leaving Twitter as an active poster, but dare not unregister or allow my account to become inactive.

Whether you follow me anywhere else is up to you. I don’t mind. I’m not here to “sell” a different platform to you. Where you live digitally is your call and your life. But if you’re a friend, I’ll happily connect with you anywhere.

And if you do think you can stick it out and make that Force-Forsaken place better – then please do. Just remember my mantra please: Stay Safe and Be Kind.

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