FFXIV Thaumaturge Hunting Log Rank 1

FFXIV Thaumaturge Hunting Log Rank 1 Guide

Now I have finally built a tool to help me manage hunting log targets so they’re easier to import into multiple classes, I can present the FFXIV Thaumaturge Hunting Log Rank 1 Guide! If you’ve just taken up this ranged magical DPS class, or if you’re new to Final Fantasy 14 then my aim is to help you clear this level as quickly and painlessly as possible. While many targets have multiple locations, I’ve just included where I think you can tick off the entries efficiently. Finally, if you’re already a Black Mage, then this still applies to you. So, with your brand in hand it’s burn these foes into the sand!

If you’re new to FFXIV…

Firstly, welcome! I have written an introduction to Hunting Logs on my guide to the Gladiator Hunting Log Rank 1External Link (Opens in New Window/Tab). I didn’t want to duplicate content across posts, so I’ve made this link open in a new tab/window to help you.

Quest Overlap

Depending on when you receive your Hunting Log, you’ll find the following enemies as part of the THM quest My First ScepterExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab).

The other targets of the quest are Star Marmots, but they are for the Gladiator log, not the Thaumaturge one.

Thaumaturge Hunting Log Rank 1 Targets

Reward: EXP 2,500

Thaumaturge 01
EXP 75

Thaumaturge 02
EXP 180

Thaumaturge 03
EXP 360

Thaumaturge 04
EXP 410

Thaumaturge 05
EXP 530

Thaumaturge 06
EXP 980

Thaumaturge 07
EXP 1,100

Thaumaturge 08
EXP 1,300

Thaumaturge 09
EXP 1,600

Thaumaturge 10
EXP 1,700

Rank 1 Rewards

  • For Completing All of Rank 1: EXP 2,500
  • Total EXP of All 10 Levels: EXP 8,235

When Can I Start Rank 2?


  • You’ve cleared Rank 1
  • You’re at least Level 10

TL;DR Burn them all with Fire and Clear the Thaumaturge Hunting Log Rank 1!

Hunting Logs for all classes offer awesome early-level EXP EXP as well as vital combat practice. Thaumaturge can be tricky to get the hang of but there’s no denying the satisfaction in burning enemies to a crisp! I hope this guide to the Hunting Log Rank 1 was useful to you. I will start my guide for the next level soon! So, go wreak havoc in the name of the Light and enjoy your time in FFXIV!

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