FFXIV Rogue Hunting Log Rank 5
All Targets from All Ranks

FFXIV Rogue Hunting Log Rank 5 Guide - all targets and maps.

Welcome to the very last guide in this series – the FFXIV Rogue Hunting Log Rank 5! And, for you Ninja, it’s the last stage for your class or job. Much of Rank 5 takes place in Mor Dhona before culminating in a direct assault on a Garlean stronghold. So sharpen your daggers and senses, and let’s see what’s in store for you, shall we?

When Can I Started Rank 5?


Rogue Hunting Log Rank 5 Targets

Reward: EXP 40,000

Rogue 41
EXP 17,000

Rogue 42
EXP 17,500

Rogue 43
EXP 18,500

Rogue 44
EXP 18,500

Rogue 45
EXP 19,000

Rogue 46
EXP 19,500

Rogue 47
EXP 20,000

Rogue 48
EXP 20,500

Rogue 49
EXP 21,000

Rogue 50
EXP 21,500

Total EXP Available

  • Total EXP for All Levels: EXP 192,500
  • EXP For Clearing Rank 5: EXP 40,000
  • TOTAL: EXP 232,500

Note, this excludes any EXP gained for defeating the individual enemies and bonuses due to Rested EXP.

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TL;DR With the Rogue Hunting Log Rank 5 done, You’re Done!

Well done my dear Ninja! That’s a shedton of enemies confronted and defeated. Rank 5 always feels like a mirror of the MSQ, the storyline growing in Mor Dhona before taking on the Garleans. In that sense, doing it alongside the MSQ is a good idea, if Rogue is your first class.

Wherever your adventures take you, if you pick up another original combat job, check out all my FFXIV Class Hunting Logs.

Stay safe in and out of game, friends.

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