Why I have an Anonymous Twitter Account

An Anonymous Twitter Account: Why I have one.According to my ‘main’ Twitter account, I have been using the social media platform since 2010 – that’s a long time. I use that account mostly for work, for connecting with friends, family and people in my local area. I love this micro-blogging platform.

Reason 1: The ‘need’ to not lose followers

As I use Twitter for business, it’s pretty important’ to me to keep as many followers as possible. Sadly, I have noticed that when I tweet about struggling with Fibromyalgia, or how I am feeling on a particular day, I lose followers. That’s not great for business. It’s also not necessarily a great reflection on how much people value me, if I am honest.

I come as a whole package, pains, fog, work skills – everything. But that doesn’t always sit well with followers.

Wanting to Connect With Fellow Spoonies

‘Spoonie’ was a phrase coined by But You Don’t Look Sick. It’s a measure of your reduced capacity when fighting a chronic condition like Fibromyalgia.

I wanted an outlet, a way to vent about how I feel. But also to feel connected to a community which understood the daily battle, the epic amount of meds you take each day and the understanding of reduced working capacity. And having an anonymous twitter account really helped me with that.

A Safe Place to Vent

I wanted somewhere to complain, to not longer internalise how I feel and my social profile has helped with that. I also connect with SWTOR gamers, which is great – and also wouldn’t suit my ‘usual’ Twitter profile. So thank you to you all for letting me yell about my health – it’s really appreciated!

FibroJedi on Twitter

Beyond Expectations

I am nearly on the verge of 950 followers at the date of writing this post. That is very humbling. I never expected anyone to follow along. I merely wanted a safe place to yell, without it being passed onto clients, extended family or anyone else. I know that if you follow me, you don’t mind all that. And that makes me very grateful.

May the Force Be With You. May It Make You Strong.

Cor-Jhan Arcturus

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6 thoughts on “Why I have an Anonymous Twitter Account

  1. You have a place to vent and I can learn something by listening to people whose life differs substantially from mine. Everybody wins šŸ™‚ Glad to have you around.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to reply šŸ™‚ Everyone’s life is different and we all learn from each other!

  2. Hi there, just hopping by your blog and I had to tell you that recognize myself a lot about what you write. We even taken some of the same medicine (yay, I guess šŸ˜‰ ). I suffer from MS with chronic pain and SWTOR is my place to go when the pain gets too much to do anything. Although that doesn’t do justice for me to the game: I love it to bits. I would be playing it anyway, I’m just playing it more since it’s convenient to have a hobby that doesn’t require (much) physical effort. I would love to have a place to vent when things are down, but as you said, people tend to turn away when you tell them about your illness (even if they ask themselves what’s going on because there’s nothing visibly wrong). I started my blog before I became ill and haven’t found a format for talking about it without becoming depressing to people yet.

    Anyway, I’ll be following your blog with interest. Reading this has cheered me up a bit in a strange way! šŸ™‚

    1. Glad to have cheered you up at all. I know it is hard battling pain. I use SWTOR a lot for distraction, but equally, if I’m on a bad pain day then I can’t do some fighting styles – e.g. Guardian or Warrior. I have to find the right gaming style to relax.

      Feel free to stay in touch. Nice to connect! šŸ™‚

  3. I don’t know how quickly the notification will get to you that I’ve commented, but I knew you deserved to hear where I’ve gone.

    I’m glad you can vent on Twitter. I can’t. I got too attached to people I had hoped were close friends, but they have better things to do. At the very least, I need to take a forced break from Twitter. I’ll gladly keep in touch with you however, via email, here, or maybe I’ll make a secret new account (dunno about that one, we’ll see.)

    Regardless, I’m not taking this break because of you. No, *you* were a friend when I needed one, *ARE* a friend when I need one, and understand what I’m going through too.

    1. If you want to say in touch via email Andrew, you’re more than welcome. My email is corjhan[at]fibrojedi[dot]me[dot]uk – and I check that most days. Probably not Sunday as I try to take that as a rest day.

      Sorry to hear Twitter, for some reason, isn’t allowing you to vent. It should. I set up my account with 0% expectations of followers or support, simply to have an outlet so that my thoughts didn’t stay in my head.

      Please do stay in touch, further isolating yourself won’t help you cope with you illness. Take care.

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