Face Pain in Fibromyalgia

Face Pain and FibromyalgiaThis is going to be one of my shortest posts. I really want to reach out to you about your experiences of face pain and fibromyalgia.

How I Experience Face Pain

It can strike at any time, but is usually coupled from pain in my neck and/or head at any time. It can feel like an acupuncturist has inserted a bunch of needles at various pressure point in my face. It is distracting and distressing.

I’m writing this on a weekend day, a ‘day of rest’ usually. I slept 11hrs last night and so should be ‘rested’ – well as much as that is achievable for someone with Fibromyalgia anyway. The TV has been on (which I find is an assault on my senses anyway) but I’ve just been on the sofa writing some fan fiction.
So on the surface of it, I should be pretty much relaxed, right? But the reality is that several pressure points are giving me pretty bad face pain. My right temple feels like an assassin has put a knife in it and my medication just won’t take the pain away.

Is there a Solution?

There doesn’t seem to be one particular solution that works well for face pain. I just find I have to use my normal pain-reduction tactics

  • Try to relax, or at least distract myself from the pain.
  • Take my stronger pain meds, because my ‘normal’ ones don’t touch this type of pain.
  • Rub my pressure points occasionally.

But to be honest, I have to wait until I can sleep then try to sleep it off. So I don’t have an effective method of coping with this strange type of hurt.

Do You Experience Face Pain?

If you do, how do you deal with it? Any treatments or tips which might help me and others? Please use the comments and I’ll try update this post with tips as they come in.

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