Face Pain in Fibromyalgia

Face Pain and FibromyalgiaThis is going to be one of my shortest posts. I really want to reach out to you about your experiences of face pain and fibromyalgia.

How I Experience Face Pain

It can strike at any time, but is usually coupled from pain in my neck and/or head at any time. It can feel like an acupuncturist has inserted a bunch of needles at various pressure point in my face. It is distracting and distressing.

I’m writing this on a weekend day, a ‘day of rest’ usually. I slept 11hrs last night and so should be ‘rested’ – well as much as that is achievable for someone with Fibromyalgia anyway. The TV has been on (which I find is an assault on my senses anyway) but I’ve just been on the sofa writing some fan fiction.
So on the surface of it, I should be pretty much relaxed, right? But the reality is that several pressure points are giving me pretty bad face pain. My right temple feels like an assassin has put a knife in it and my medication just won’t take the pain away.

Is there a Solution?

There doesn’t seem to be one particular solution that works well for face pain. I just find I have to use my normal pain-reduction tactics

  • Try to relax, or at least distract myself from the pain.
  • Take my stronger pain meds, because my ‘normal’ ones don’t touch this type of pain.
  • Rub my pressure points occasionally.

But to be honest, I have to wait until I can sleep then try to sleep it off. So I don’t have an effective method of coping with this strange type of hurt.

Do You Experience Face Pain?

If you do, how do you deal with it? Any treatments or tips which might help me and others? Please use the comments and I’ll try update this post with tips as they come in.

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10 thoughts on “Face Pain in Fibromyalgia

  1. Mine typically comes in along my jawline. Sometimes I’ll feel it along a cheekbone or eye. You’re right – there’s no way to really do anything. Hoping you found relief!

      1. Hi, have you thought about a face sauna? If, you don’t gave one nor, wish to invest in one. Maybe try very hot water in a bowl, put a towel over your head & face & inhale/ exhale ( even try pure oils in the water). This helped my friend. So, worth a try. Good Luck guys

        1. Haven’t tried that since I had massive sinus problems. It’s an interesting idea that certainly sounds worth investigating. When I had energy to go swimming, I would go into the steam room afterwards. The hot, damp atmosphere really helped muscle tension, so maybe your suggestion could help my face. Thanks for the suggestion, Katrina!

  2. I get a lot of face pain which starts in the back of my neck/base of skull and will spread to left eye, face and jaw. Horrible pain which I usually get in a flare and I know my body is saying NO MORE and I have to just rest/sleep it off. Also get nerve pain in my face which feels like a bad sunburn, again rest is all I’ve ever found which helps both of these.

    1. Heya, sorry it’s taken me a couple of days to reply. Had a rough week or two so got a bit behind. Nice to know that rest helps – and that I’m not the only one fighting this. It is hard – and it does end up in my eye(s) sometimes too. Really tough. My body’s been saying “NO MORE” for ages, but I can’t actually take time off yet, so I keep pushing through. Usually means I have a huge pain flare at the weekends as a result!

  3. After going thru sinus surgery, having my eyes checked, a CT of my face, a brain MRI, a consultation with a neurosurgeon, my rheumatologist and pain management I have been told that this not related to anything but my migraines and the so-called neurosurgeon who specializes in this field told me to take Imitrex 3 nights in a row (very dangerous considering all the other meds I’m on). I came across this blog by accident and cannot believe fellow fibro warriors suffer with this strange ailment. OMG I am not losing my mind…this is REAL! I have not been able to do anything at all about the pain. I’ve tried ice, heat, more pain meds, etc. Nothing has helped and this has been consistent and relentless for seven months. Just seeing and hearing this is comforting enough. I will keep you posted if any other “specialist” should recommend something that helps.

    1. I’m both glad, and sorry, that you suffer from this. Glad because no, you’re not alone! Sorry because it’s hard to live with. And if your face hurts, then it hurts – it’s not imagined pain at all.

      And if you do come across anything that helps to any degree, let me know. I’m happy to update the post with any ideas that are suggested by the community!

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