SWTOR: Introducing Cor-Jhan Arcturus

Welcome to the first of my character overviews from my SWTOR characters: Cor-Jhan Arcturus. This will be the first person I will begin to write fully about when I get started. He was also the first character I created when I joined the game a couple of years ago.

The Arcturus Legacy

According to Wikipedia:

Arcturus of the constellation Boötes is the brightest star in the northern celestial hemisphere. With a visual magnitude of −0.05, it is the fourth brightest star in the night sky, after −1.46 magnitude

The Arcturus Star Explained
Image c/o: Space.com

So my SWTOR Legacy is named after an actual star – quite appropriate for a space-based game in a sci-fi genre of fiction.

Cor-Jhan Arcturus: Jedi Shadow

Cor-Jhan (a name I just made up with no underlying meaning) was an abandoned Jedi child. He lost his parents at the fabled sacking of Coruscant. His father was a Jedi Knight who was to join the Jedi Council and his mother was a career smuggler who got caught in the firing lines trying to leave Coruscant. The Sith claimed she died – shot down by a destroyer while trying leave the system.

Managing to hide among some relics so he didn’t stand out as a Lightside source to be targeted by Sith, the young Cor-Jhan had to find a way through life. Constantly battling doubts rooted in his parents’ disappearance, the dark side was always a temptation, leading him to learn Force cloaking and mind-manipulation abilities, as well as take on an aggressive double-bladed Lightsaber stance.

A Jedi Shadow, Cor-Jhan knows some situations may need darker choices to yield a better, lighter future. If the rumoured Grey Jedi had found him, he would have finally found a home.

Cor-Jhan Arcturus: A New Era

Still struggling to make real connections, Cor-Jhan now strong in the Force, senses some lies he was fed by the enemy as a child and is on a mission for the truth. But in all things he seeks balance.

Cor-Jhan Arcturus: For Light to Exist, there must be darkness

For Life to Exist, there must be death
For strength to exist, there must be weakness
For Light to exist, there must be darkness.
There is only the Force.

A Few Screenshots of Cor-Jhan Arcturus From SWTOR

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