To Find a Findsman – KotFE Alliance Recruitment: Yu’un

KotFE: To Find a Findman (Yu'un Recruitment Mission)Shortly after your arrival on Odessan for the first time, Doctor Oggurobb requests that you acquire a Gand Findsman called Yu’un who is to be found in the lower levels of Zakuul. That immediately triggers the Alliance recruitement mission To Find a Findsman.

Yu’un: The Trooper Companion

The Gand Yu’un first enters SWTOR as a normal companion as part of the Republic Trooper storyline. The Gand always refer to themselves in the third person – either by referencing their name (e.g. Yu’un thanks you) or by their species (e.g. This Gand thanks you). Only high-ranking or revered Gand can call themselves ‘I’. They respect honour and they see the universe in a unique way, often ‘seeing’ the way things resonate and hold together, in ways that humnoid eyes cannot.

To Find a Findsman

Where is Yuun in Zakuul?
Yu’un can be found here on Zakuul.
So begins the first Alliance Recruitment Mission. Many of the others do not unlock until you’ve completed this one – you don’t get the Recruitment Alert until you have recruited Yu’un to your cause. You have to travel to Zakuul using your personal starship and work your way on foot/mount to him initially. Once you’ve found him, you can quick travel using the Alliance Recruit panel.

Yu’un can be found near the underground tram lines in the lower levels of Zakuul.

Yu’un is working to understand Zakuulan technology. To understand how it ‘resonates’ can help him (and you) to build something that is the opposite – i.e. to be able to fight against what Doctor Oggurobb says is “a massive technological disadvantage”.

The Gand is creating something which he describes as a ‘poem of technology’ and has gathered the first 17 parts of the puzzle himself. However, the remaining four pieces (‘Stanzas’) are for you to collect.

The Marketplace

There is one piece for you to collect in the Zakuul marketplace, near the Crewskills Trainers. Thankfully finding it is easy as it’s marked on your map.

You don’t have to collect the pieces in any particular order but this is the only piece in this part of the map.

3 Stanzas in Breaktown

The remaining 3 pieces you need to collect from the Breaktown District of Zakuul. Yup, where “people who fall on hard times keep falling” (Senya). On the plus side this area is rich in crafting gathering nodes. I was able to pick up a lot of Grade 9 scavenged metals and compounds from this area. Admittedly doing that made the mission last longer, but I was in no hurry!

Breaktown Components in To Find a Findsman
Breaktown Components in To Find a Findsman
Again all the pieces are marked on the map, although you’ll have to go down a few side streets and defeat a few Heralds of Zildrog along the way.

The Pieces React to You

As you approach each piece, it will either react to you (if you’re a Force-Sensitive) or appear to switch on (if you’re not Force Sensitive). Just pick up the pieces and be on your way, that mystery is answered in your final dialogue with Yu’un.

Returning the Pieces to Yu’un

Once you return with the remaining stanzas of the technological ‘poem’ there are a few interesting things to note:

  • Your Alliance’s Technology needed attuning to you. You are the heart of your Alliance, but that permeates more than just the people.
  • Yu’un says that a great Maelstrom surrounds you, which leads to Valkorion being ‘unusually interested’.
  • Yu’un knew you were going to join him. That’s not much different from the Voss forseeing the future, or the Scions knowing your arrival at Asylum days before you actually arrived. There’s no reference to the Gand being Force-sensitive in SWTOR’s dialogues but there certainly seems an unnatural intuitiveness about them.
  • Once you’ve found your Findsman, he immediately begins making Doctor Oggurobb’s life easier. That gives you influence with him and you get an Alien Research Alliance Crate to pass to him as well. So you add a new ally and improve your research department on Odessan as well.

TL;DR To Find a Findsman

This is a quick mission (about 1/2hr) and it unlocks other Alliance Alerts, opening up more recruitment options. The fact that Valkorion takes an interest in this suggests a link somehow into your story, but when/where/how, I don’t know.

Use this mission as a relaxing break from Chapters or Alliance Crate Heroics – and enjoy recruiting Yu’un!

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