KotFE Alliance Crates Missions – A Backwards Step?

SWTOR: KotFE Alliance Crate Missions - A Missed OpportunitySo we are still a month or so away from Chapter X of Knights of the Fallen Empire. Like quite a few people now, I have a handful characters which the Alliance Base on Odessan. What does that mean? It means we need to get each of our KotFE alliance departments to rank 20.

And that means doing a lot of Heroic Weeklies, or repeating the C2-N2 Inflicting Comfort Mission, in order to earn alliance crates. With later levels of influence requiring at least 6 crates, that’s 24 crates to increase 1 level across all 4 departments. Now, I’m fine with the rewards of this – you can earn quite good credits and the gear drops are not bad either.

But you need crates to increase Alliance Influence and also to be able to storm the Star Fortress shield bunkers – five crates per shield bunker.

But grinding Alliance Heroic missions is just hard work and I wonder if this step is just a bit of a backwards step for a SWTOR Expansion pack which is supposed to be focused on Story and Choices.

Alliance Crates Bring Out the Best and Worst in People

I’ve been playing SWTOR for over 2 years. And I have finally had a seriously negative experience, while trying to complete a Heroic Mission on Taris. The mission in question has a seriously slow re-spawn rate of the Rakghouls in question. So I stayed in one respawn spot, rather and run around the whole area. And one player, decided that I was spoiling his need to rush through, swore at me and immediately blocked me.

In the need to get through as many crates as fast as possible has brought out the worst in human behaviour – the selfish kind that ignores that SWTOR has a community at the heart of it.

Reaching Level 20 Alliance Influence is Hard Work!
Reaching Level 20 KotFE Alliance Influence is Hard Work!
But it also brings out the best in some – some people have grouped with me to speed up the collection of kills, or to share single targets. And that’s what people’s attitude should be.

But by making KotFE about forcing people to fight in Heroic Areas is not story-based and totally detracts from the Story-driven Focus that I enjoy in Fallen Empire. Bioware have done such a great job of the Cinematography and the plot lines, and this ‘stop gap’ storyless episode before Chapter X does not do the game justice.

I love SWTOR and Fallen Empire, I just feel they lost their imagination a bit in the Alliance Crate grinding. What does anyone else think?

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8 thoughts on “KotFE Alliance Crates Missions – A Backwards Step?

  1. That’s the first seriously negative experience you’ve had in your 2 years of playing SWTOR??? Wow. Consider yourself lucky. ^^

    1. I’m sure that’s the case! This is definitely the first type of abuse I’ve had. I know trying to get a World Boss, another guild taunted the WB out of the area to ‘steal’ it but I was part of a guild Op, so had great people around me for that one!

      1. I very rarely do the mission for the Irradiated rakghouls any more unless I am in a low population phase.

        1. At least I’m not the only one. Even changing instance rarely solves the problem. As I’ve done all of the Heroics at least once I don’t gain anything by hanging around. I find it’s safer (and more pleasant) to just move on!

  2. Geez. I wish they would finally put those Irradiated Rakghouls into a personal phase or at least set the respawn timer a lot faster. There is also a H2+ mission on Dromund Kaas that requires to kill one unphased guy and even on a Monday night there is a queue on my low population server. Just phase that guy. Another interessting solution for that problem would be the way Bethesda went with TESO. Everyone who hit a mob gets xp, loot and the mission progress. You don’t need to group to do anchors and stuff like that. I quite liked it. The problem for grouping up is that a lot of players do the mission while being waiting for an invite from the group tool or are in a warzone queue. I can understand that they won’t leave it just for one mission. My server at least does have a good behavior, so queues in front of mission relevant mobs work most of the time. But the waiting… the waiting… I mean, I stood already 10 minutes at the respawn place of that mentioned mob on Dromund Kaas. And I don’t know how much time I’ve wasted with the Irradiated Rakghouls. There is an Imp H2+ on Taris were you have to destroy some machines. That usable “item” on the machine needs two (2!!!) minutes to respawn. I mean, really?

    Let’s resume: Every H2-4 mission got nerfed for H2, so you can do them with your companion instead of grouping up. This means a lot more “groups” (I define player + comp as a group here) do them. That means BWA should really look at the mechanics (Makeb archives for example) and respawn timer.

    tl;dr Go fix that crap BWA πŸ˜‰

  3. Does the Influence you get from the Alliance Specialists help you anywhere except in the Star Fortresses? If they help you in, say the final battle for example, then I think they are worth the trouble. If not, then they are a waste of time in my opinion.

    1. I’ve tried asking @SWTOR twice to ask that exact question, but they’re not very good at using Social Media for Social purposes! The only benefits aside from Star Fortresses (which I rarely do) is to get free gear, credits – and every 2 levels of influence getting extra Basic, Glowing and Radiant Crystals for 208/220 gear from the vendors on Odessan or Fleet.

  4. An influence of Rank 10 with all 4 members does give an added bonus of being able to click things while taking a star fortress down (Heroic-2). Alliance rank of 20 with all 4, gives you Cartel Coins,(20) and a title for legacy that says “Alliance Commander”, but I’ve done it once on my Trooper, she got them all to rank 10, and it was still even hard having all the bonuses you get from the Alliances from the base. And yes Social Media and SWTOR sucks big time. Regardless of what they say, Dulfy.net is a great site to get helpful information about various things related to SWTOR. Vulkk is another great help to the community as well with this website. Course he also publishes commentary videos about it as well on youtube. But here Dulfy helps explain all about star fortresses and how to unlock the missions and etc.


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